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"Say Yay" Barei Is Back With Her Brand New Hit "Wasn't Me"

There have been loads of new hits recently from our favourite Eurovision artists. First there was Poli Genova, then Donny Montell, now there comes a new hit from our favourite Queen of Spain who has blown us away with her new single "Wasn't Me". The song which was released on her official YouTube channel yesterday has already amassed thousands of hits. Just one day after the track has come out she has charted at number 35 in the Spanish iTunes chart, leaving songs from world famous stars such as Shakira, Enrique Iglesias Justin Timberlake, Selena Gómez, Ed Sheeran and so many others behind her. Yesterday Barei released the official lyric video to her song. Check the video and song out here:

Summer isn't over and this hit will no doubt be a summer scorcher, as "Wasn't Me" will likely be just as popular all over Europe as in Spain. It's a simple song, but downs a catchy beat. The video too is simple, yet very emotive. It is black, grey, white and shows her lyrics on screen, along with her image singing the song. It also shows her dancing in the rain passionately, with a muscular man, showing the closeness of a relationship. The video seems to suggest that a relationship was lost due to "You", and how she was ready but, "We were about to be a miracle, cos we were meant to do something incredible, we were about to be invincible but You", and her usual flawless vocals almost seems to argue that "it wasn't me, everyone knew it wasn't me... it was you".

Barei has become famous after her entry last year, "Say Yay" which was one of the most loved songs of the Eurovision 2016 track list. Her song was in the top 3 on YouTube for most watched by fans, amassing over 10 million views combined. At the competition, although it was loved and well received she failed to win or make the top 10. Unfortunately of the 26 nations she came 22nd with 77 points getting 67 from the juries, and only 10 from the public televote. Regardless of this she was, and still is very much loved by her fans.

Barei has released 3 albums having various successes with them. Her YouTube video's tend to get a lot of attention gaining millions of views. Her best performing single was "Say Yay" which entered the Spanish charts at number 3 last year. Since leaving Universal music last year "Wasn't Me" is the first single not under them.

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