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Triana Park react to their Eurovision Participation

They had tried for so long to represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest, and Triana Park managed it this year. In a recent interview lead singer Agnese Rakovska commented on how she was disappointed that the group failed to qualify for the final. With much hype, it was expected that they would do. Considering the group had tried for so many years to grace the Eurovision stage, their non qualification from the semi finals came as a bit of a shock.

In an example that shows how much this competition means to the artists Ms Rakovska responds by saying that she finds it hard to come to terms with this failure. Considering the expectation, it was somewhat of a disappointment. However, although fallen at this first hurdle, she still dreams on conquering the music charts of her European counterparts. Certainly, the Eurovision would have projected them into the mind sets of many, and given them a new fan base.

Agnese tells Latvian newspaper that, " It was a huge responsibility and you do not want to disappoint the people of Latvia, who voted for you. The feeling is not the most pleasant". She added, "In any event I am satisfied with my performance", and that "taking part in the Eurovision was a dream come true".

Life outside of Eurovision has still continued for the band, as they continue to work on new material both in English and Latvian. Certainly, recording the music in English looks like they mean to establish a solid fan base outside of Latvia, and you never know give them that Global fame?

At Eurovision Latvia have participated on 18 occasions debuting in 2000 with Brainstorm. Just 2 years later in 2002 Marie N won the competition with "I Wanna". Unfortunately since the early successes, Latvia have failed to capitalise on them. On seven occasions they have failed to qualify for the final including this year where Triana Park came last in semi final one scoring 21 points.

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