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Cyprus Eurovision plans well under way

It has only been six weeks since the Grand Final of the Eurovision has come to an end. Even though a relatively short time, some national broadcasters are deciding on the way forward for next years competition. Eurovoxx has already brought you news of Sweden, and France, today the Cypriot broadcaster RIK have met and have discussed what they will bring to the competition in Portugal.

According to the website ShowTime-cy, reports have gathered that some of the executives for RIK have met to discuss next years national final. In the meeting they would have discussed time guidelines, along with the format and rules for the show. It is more than likely according to ShowTime-cy that there will be a launch sometime in August for songwriters and composers to pen Cyprus' prospective 2018 Eurovision song.

It is believed that Haris Saava will once again be selected as the Artistic Director for Cyprus entry. He has attracted much positive press for the way he Hovig's entry was displayed and portrayed in Kyiv, and it would make much sense for him to return on the 2018 entry. It is early days yet, but more information firming up on details should be released soon.

At the competition Cyprus have never won, with their best performance being 5th in 1982 with Anna Vissi, 1997 with Hara and Andreas Constantinou in 1997. More recently they achieved this position in 2004 with Lisa Andreas. More famously they are renowned for exchanging 12 points with Greece, which was continued this year too. Through their 34 appearances they have opted on to chose internally, and through a national final. This years Hovig was chosen internally, where he qualified to the final gaining 68 points and achieving 21st position.

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