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Greece's Demy has released her new single "M' Ekdikeise"

June 23, 2017


Now that Eurovision is over, the artists from this year will slowly start to release their new music.  One of the first contestants from this years competition is Greece's Demy who has released her new track  M' Ekdikeise.  She hasn't stopped since the competition and has been working hard in the studio to get this song completed.  The song translated to "You're Rebuking Me" was written by George Sabanis (a famous singer himself), and Elenan Vrahali.  Check out the song below:


Click this link for the single  


It is a lovely pop song, quite haunting and has elements of a rock ballad to it. As with many of her hits, this is sure to be popular amongst her fans in Cyprus and Greece, who have rewarded her with many hit singles and albums.


Demy is no stranger to fame first debuting in 2011 with the song Mia Zografia which became a big hit in Greece and Cyprus. It received two awards from the MAD Music Video Awards.  She has released 3 studio albums, all doing well with her first going in straight at number 1.  She has had over 15 singles released, with the majority also hitting the top spot in the Greek charts.  She has been nominated for dozens of Mad Music Awards, and has won several.  She also won an MTV Music Award in 2013 for best Greek Act.  She has many fingers in different pies and has appeared in numerous musicals, TV shows and fashion magazines.


She represented Greece at this years Eurovision with "This Is Love".  Unlike last year Greece qualified for the final where she was awarded 77 points.  48 points were given by the juries, and 29 from the televoting.  Greece placed 19th.  Do you like the song? Let us know below.


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