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VOXXNEWS WEEKLY~ Eurovision News Round Up

Could the band "Fallen Lights" be tipped to represent Ireland in 2018?

A lot of momentum has gathered in Ireland for the boyband "Fallen Lights" to represent them at next years competition. It comes after they covered a song "My Lovely Horse" which was sung during an episode of Father Ted, where they fictitiously represented Ireland scoring 'Nil Point'. Since then the band covered the song, they have gained quite a bit of attention, with a lot people in Ireland really wanting them to commit to Eurovision. The song has since gone viral. The band said, " We're proud to be Irish, and represent the country, but maybe not Eurovision". "We don't want to be a flop like Blue. Eurovision is a tough business, and it takes a certain kind of act. And we've never really thought about it".

Saara Alto to judge on X Factor Suomi

six months after finishing an impressive second on X Factor UK, Finland sweetheart Saara Aalto has announced she will be one of four judges on the upcoming series of X Factor Suomi, this will be the first time the X Factor format will be seen in Finland in seven years, after their first and only series to date, debuted back in 2010. Saara, who has tried to represent Finland in Eurovision on two occasions, most recently in 2016 with her song "No Fear" where she narrowly lost out to Sandjha's "Sing It Away" will join Michael Monroe, Suvi Teräsniska and Mikael Gabriel.

The ESC Radio Award Winners have been Announced

The ESC Radio awards 2017 have concluded, and yesterday the winners of these awards were announced. The awards have been happening since 2006, and see's the general public vote for who they want to win, depending on what categories they are in. Previous years have seen the likes of D'nash, Dima Bilan, Jedward, Joe & Jake and Bonnie Tyler to name a few win awards. This year Eurovision fans, and the listeners of ESC Radio were given the chance to vote between the 3-11 June for their favourites in Kiev. It is no surprise that the winner of the Eurovision won some ESC Radio awards too. The first time since 2012.

The Best Song Top 3:

1) Portugal - Salvador Sobral with the song "Amar Pelos Dois" (16.8% of the vote)

2) Bulgaria- Kristian Kostov with the song "Beautiful Mess" (11.8% of the vote)

3) Italy- Francesco Gabbani with the song "Occidentali's Karma" (9.52% of the vote)

The Best Female Artist Top 3:

1) France- Alma and the song "Requiem" (18.5% of the vote)

2) Belgium- Blanche and the song "City Lights" (14.6 % of the vote)

3) United Kingdom- Lucie Jones and the song "Never Give Up On You" (13.9% of the vote)

Best Male Artist top 3:

1) Portugal - Salvador Sobral with the song "Amar Pelos Dois" (17.5% of the vote)

2) Bulgaria- Kristian Kostov with the song "Beautiful Mess" (15% of the vote)

3) Italy- Francesco Gabbani with the song "Occidentali's Karma" (14 % of the vote)

Best Group Top 3:

1) Moldova- SunStroke Project with the song "Hey Mamma" (24.7% of the vote)

2) Norway- JOWST with the song "Grab The Moment" (15.2% of the vote)

3) Netherlands- OG3NE with the song "Light And Shadows" (13.7% of the vote)

The EBU Reference Group have met

Plans for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 are in full swing. The EBU have met with Portuguese Broadcaster RTP to discuss next years Eurovision. RTP would have presented their plans to the EBU. Also, possible venues and dates would have also been discussed. It is more than likely that the contest will be held in early May, and that Lisbon stands a strong chance of welcoming Europe. At the moment, a bidding phase of the competition will take place, with Jon Ola Sand stating, "the next key milestone will be the selection of the venue". RTP will take away all the information that has been gathered from the meeting. However, next time they meet with the reference group they are likely to confirm dates, and venues. Also, they will chose and design a slogan, and from there events will take quite a quick turn.

JOWST denies using 'pre-recorded' vocals at Eurovision

Jowst the one half of the duo that represented Norway this year has broken his silence in regards to the use of, or not so apparent use of pre recorded backing vocals. Prior to Norway qualifying for the Grand Final there had been much scrutiny from fans, and journalists who accused the Norwegian duo of using pre-recorded vocals for their song "Grab The Moment". JOWST on his Facebook page stated that they were not pre recorded backing vocals, he stated "they are pre recorded. But they are not backing vocals. In fact, they are no longer vocals. They are now a digital instrument". He mentioned that, "to stay up-to-date, regarding the music productions and genres, it has to follow the new things that are being used these days". Therefore, the pre recorded backing vocals will make, "ESC songs to sound like a Eurovision song, but just a good song". JOWST's final word was that having the pre recorded bits in the song, enables a song to be heard, as intended by the artist.

The interval act's fees have been released

there is a quite a difference from the lowest to the highest paid performer. The Ukrainian group 'Onuka' were paid 1,500 Euro's according to 24 news. It has been stated that Ruslana earned 13,000 Euro's. Not bad for a nights work, and certainly more that the group Onuka. There is a problem however, with Ruslana claiming, "As of today, the money went completely out of my pocket and they have not returned to us". In an interview with Ukrainian magazine she claims she has not been paid, and will actually be out of pockets. She stated, "I invested in the creation of the song, the recording, the video, the costumes and the training, Eurovision covered part of these costs". At the other end of the spectrum Jamala, the previous winner took home a whopping 33,000 Euro's for just performing one song. Do you agree with these wages?

Zena Donnelly wows coaches on 'The Voice Kids'

Zena Donnelly represented Ireland at Junior Eurovision 2016 in Valletta, Malta with her song Bríce Ar Bhríce (Brick By Brick), finishing in 10th place with 122 points. We saw her audition for The Voice Kids UK and wow judges Danny Jones, Pixie Lott and with her powerful rendition of 'Mamma Knows Best' by Jessie J. She received great praise from all 3 coaches, but it was only Pixie Lott who turned for Zena, which means she has advanced to the next stage of the competition.

Eurovoxx new releases

It has been a brand new week of music, and a brand new week of former Eurovision artists releasing new material, as reported by Eurovoxx here is a summary of the fantastic new material. Eurovoxx loves it. Check them out here:

Poli Genova with the song "Oshte"

Mans Zelmerlow with the song, "Hanging On To Nothing"

Lena with the song, "If I Wasn't Your Daughter"

Ani Lorak with her song, "Do You Still Love"

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