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Dima Bilan, 2008 winner, and the public choice in 2016, Sergey Lazarev have deligthed eurofans with a new collaboration - ''Прости Меня'' (Forgive me). Both with huge successess and acomplishments indivdually, and both with large international fan-bases, Prosti Menya is the song which fans have been waiting for.

It's a mid - tempo, pop ballad filled with emotion and pain in their voices, but don't be too hasty in judging the track until you have given it a full listen here. And we think you might really like it...

Dima and Sergey performed the track for first time last Friday on Muz-TV Awards and without any doubt the reaction by the audience was overwhelming. From the awards night two Russian superstars won awards too. Sergey Lazarev won the best song award for his track - “You are the only one“ and Dima Bilan won the best video award for his single - “V tvoyey golve”.

Dima posted a pic of their performance on Instagram and thanked Sergey for the experience, as well as all the exciting and interesting moments which they had had when working on the track. After that Sergey re-posted it and thanked Dima too. Since last Friday their song was available in iTunes and in just one day their track made a big success on the Russian iTunes chart. It went straight to No.1 leaving the most loved song this year - Despacito behind them.

The lyric video of the song was released yesterday on Sergey Lazarev’s YouTube account. It's a black and white, simple video but it's still beautiful, however we still don't have information about when will the official video will be released.

So what do you think of thisd mega-collab? Don't forget to let us know in the comments below!

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