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"Do You Still Love" Ani Lorak? Her New Single Is Out.

Today's new single comes from Ukrainian superstar Ani Lorak. The song entitled "Ты еще любишь" translated "Do You Still Love" by Badoev is released today. Already receiving over 160,000 views on YouTube in the first few hours this song looks like it will be doing well, and achieve success in Ukraine. The song sung in her native tongue can be viewed here:

The song which refers to a relationship that may have ended asks the question "Do You Still Love"? The video is quite dark in which she is pushed around, and there is a lot of harsh references to the video. You don't have to be able understand Ukrainian to see there is still some pretty dark themes coming across here. Ani is pushed around, and shoved to the floor several times in this video, it also features many handsome men that seem to ignore her, probably giving her a definitive "NO" to the question if she is still loved. The song itself is good, it has a nice tone, and a beat, and we can see why many will like this.

Ani is quite famous in her own right in Ukraine. As well as music she is known as a business woman, and is commended for her work for charity in which helping those with HIV in Ukraine is one of her roles as a UNICEF ambassador. Since 1996 she has released over 13 albums, over 25 singles scoring high not only in the Ukrainian charts, but in Sweden, Russia , South Korea and Japan. Will her new single be just as successful?

At Eurovision Ani represented Ukraine nearly 10 years ago with the song "Shady Lady" in 2008. It did extremely well where for the second consecutive year they came second. She scored 230 points, and came second to Dima Bilan from Russia which he won with 272 points. The song is loved by fans, and went to number 1 in Ukraine when it was released. Do you still love Ani Lorak? Let us know in the comments below.

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