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Poli Genova makes her fans happy with her new track!

Another former Eurovision star has released new song for the summer. The Bulgarian representative of the 2011 and 2016 Eurovision editions, Poli Genova, made all her fans so happy with her new track – “Oshte” (Still).

Bulgarian Queen loves to sing about the best feeling for people in life – LOVE – and she does it in her new song too. After “If love was a crime” Poli wants more and more love.

A simple, romantic, guitar-led and mid-tempo single, with the lyrics and music composed by Poli herself.

The official video for the song is set in the famous Sofian music studio “Boyana” and tells us a romantic story between Poli and her partner.

Starting with a formal dinner, she and her partner look almost uncomfortable and awkward amongst the elders sitting around them, however her partner suddenly decides to dance on the table and the music video springs into life thereafter with the couple roller-skating, making love on white sheets as well as getting tattoos together.

Additionally, there is something interesting about Poli’s partner in the video too as Poli had just met him the day they were to begin shooting the music video. She spoke about how, at the beginning, it was a little strange for her due to the romantic scenes in bed. But, despite all this, the two appear natural in each other’s company and we were convinced that the two had been in love for years!

The song has just come out and the fans from Europe have started to ask if Poli will make English version of her new track. Will Poli make her fans happy? Will we hear this amazing tack in English version? The answer to this question is simple - YES!!! In an interview Poli said she has English version too but the Bulgarian one would come out first and English will follow.

Oshte lyrics:

(English translation)

You remember me right? Do you remember the look? Do you remember that moment Tell me if you read that in my eyes. You remember me right? Do you remember how you touched my body Say if you still remember it. My body and your body are burning slowly. My lips and your lips, we exchange DNA little by little.


I want you still. I’m still thinking you, I’m still searching for you We are merging. Oh I want you still I still feel We are stronger together.

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