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Could the band "Fallen Lights" be tipped to represent Ireland in 2018?

Although just a fun rumour, a lot of momentum has gathered in Ireland for the boyband "Fallen Lights" to represent them at next years competition. Why you may be asking? It comes after they covered a song "My Lovely Horse" which was sung during an episode of Father Ted, and since then they have gained quite a bit of attention, with a lot people in Ireland really wanting them to commit to Eurovision. The song has since gone viral.

Click here for the "Fallen Lights" cover:

For those that don't know, Father Ted was an Irish Comedy show that was very popular in the 90's. It was set in Ireland and told of the comic lives of priests who lived in Craggy Island. During the 90's when Ireland won the Eurovision contest one after another, the show made mock of this, and proposed that the two priests Father Ted and Dougal sing a song called "My Lovely Horse" (which was copyrighted) , it was so bad that they were chosen to represent Ireland, on the hope that they did not win again. Which was the case, with them coming last with 0 points. Check it out below:

The band themselves covered the song to promote their tour of Ireland, but didn't realise how popular it would become, which has sought many to ask for them to be the ambassadors for the Celtic nation. They state, " We're proud to be Irish, and represent the country, but maybe not Eurovision". "We don't want to be a flop like Blue. Eurovision is a tough business, and it takes a certain kind of act. And we've never really thought about it".

Ireland are still the most successful nation in the competition winning on 7 occasions. The 90's were their hay days where they won on 4 occasions, with 3 consecutive during 1992, 1993, and 1994. Since their last win in 1996 their results have taken a sharp decline. Even more recently, with the introduction of the semi finals, they have failed to reach the final since 2013. Could something new like the boyband "Fallen Lights" change their fortunes?

Although, the band state that they had not thought to represent Ireland, could a bit of persuasion from the public change their minds? Soon we will have details of the Irish national final, stay tuned to find out more.

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