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Maltese National Final To Remain The Same

After this years disappointment for Malta when they failed to qualify to the Eurovision Grand Final, the CEO John Bundy for Malta's national braodcaster PBS has talked to the Times of Malta. He talks about Malta's failure to progress, but also on plans for next years competition, and how their national final will determine their participant for 2018. Putting it simply he states that nothing will change.

This year Malta was represented by Claudio Faniello with the song "Breathlessly". With the juries she proved relatively popular gaining 55 points, and being placed 8th. However it was the televoting that was her downfall, coming last with 0 points, meaning Malta came 16 out of 18 nations. John Bundy stated, "We are very disappointed with the result...we had a song that was just as good...ultimately it is a competition". He also added, "If you look at comments from journalists and even the festival directors, many thought it was a pity that we did not go through".

Last year when Maltese favourite Ira Losco won the right to compete for mediterranean Island, her song was completely changed before the competition. Essentially it was a brand new song. Mr Bundy says, that when a song is chosen it won't change a great deal. He admits that the Maltese people know what is best for Malta. "There were a number of times we didn't get through, even when we had a jury". So it looks for now the Malta will continue to chose its Eurovision entries by 100% televote, and its way of selecting its song will remain the same.

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