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She's back..... The superstar of German television and music Lena Meyer Landrut is back, bigger than ever before. The winner of the 2010 Eurovision, and top 10 of the 2011 competition Lena Landrut is back with her single "If I Wasn't Your Daughter". Released on the 6th June by Universal Music this stunning contemporary ballad is beautiful. If you're into ballads, or just love Lena you are going to love this song. This songs comes from her new and up coming album "Gemini", and the video produced by Max Von Helldorff. Check out the song below:

Although, it will naturally do well as she is still riding high from her Eurovision win in 2010, it will do well as it is in a complete opposite style to what she has done . No gimmicks, but her simple, but haunting voice can't help but move you. You can feel that it is a very personal song. It deals with the strained relationship that she has had with her estranged father, who left the family home when she was six. Her song reflects this. As it is Europe's second biggest music producer, this song will reach high in the German charts, currently in a few days it has already received well over a million views on YouTube.

Lena became a household name after she won the right to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. She won it, and ever since has been ridging high with success. Meyer-Landrut set an all-time chart record in her home country by debuting with three songs in the top five of the German singles chart in 2010. Both her debut single and album "Satellite" & "My Cassette Player" debuted at number one in Germany. "Gemini" will be her fifth studio album released later this year, and will sure add to the many chart successes that she already has. She is no stranger to television and film either, with her voice dubbing three animation films, including her work as a judge on "The Voice Kids". She has also hosted several German television programmes, and competitions.

At Eurovision, Lena was Germany's second Eurovision winner. It scored points from all but 5 countries and won with 246 points. The song "Satellite" went to number one in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Even the BBC heralded it to be one of the most contemporary Eurovision songs in years. Check her performance out here:

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