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Koit Toome & Laura announce their summer 2017 tour

Estonian Eurovision stars Koit Toome & Laura earlier on this evening announced that they are doing a tour this Summer. Despite failing to qualify for Estonia at this years Eurovision, they have clearly decided that this has not dampened their spirits. In actual fact it has done the complete opposite, and they plan to celebrate the Summer in style, and tour Estonia. The tour is called Verona after their Eurovision entry which you can check out below. Tickets are on sale now, and are priced between 13 and 20 Euros each. Be quick though as there are not many shows. The tour is only expected to run between the 10th and 30th July.

You can get the tickets by accessing Koit Toome's facebook page where you will find the following link :

Both Koit Toome and Laura are massive stars in their own right in Estonia. Both have had huge commercial success achieving many number ones on their singles and albums. They are no strangers to Eurovision either, with Koit Toome singing for Estonia in 1998 with the song "Mere lapsed", which achieved a respectable 12th position. Laura's Eurovision career started in 2005 with the girl group Suntribe and the song "Let's get Loud", unfortunately it failed to qualify for the final that year. The same happened this year when they paired up with the song "Verona" which did not progress. They came 14th with 24 points.

Will you be in Estonia, and going to the tour? If not get your tickets now.

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