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Celebrated international jazz star Caro Emerald has got euro-tongues wagging following her recent appearance on the RTL Boulevard TV show in the Netherlands.

Caro has enjoyed a hugely successful career worldwide since the release of her debut album in 2010, including a number one UK album in 2013, and further success in Australia and the United States.

When asked if she would consider representing the Netherlands in Portugal next year, Caro responded:

''I would really have to consider it well. I would find it exciting. I have an enormous international career, and so also the possibility to lose something. I’m not sure if I would dare to do it. But I am open to talk about it, for sure.''

Ok, so it is just a slight indication, and she hasn't ruled it out, but what do you think the chances are for Caro to represent the Dutch next year? Could someone like her finally bring it home for the Netherlands for the first time since 1975? Let us know...

You can watch 'Liquid Lunch' by Caro Emerald here...


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