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Will ARD change Germany's fortunes with a new selection process?

Since the success of Lena and her song "Satellite" that won for Germany in 2010, they have stuck to the same format "Unser Song für...." for the last few years. Unfortunately that initial win has led to Germany go from the top of the score board to the bottom. This being very evident in the last three years. When Levina came 25th with her song "Perfect Life" this year, many in Germany were quick to question and criticise Germany's performance in the contest. This came from both the public and fans. So how has ARD responded? and what have they proposed?

In an interview with Prinz blog, the Head of Entertainment at ARD Thomas Shreiber confirmed that the television network was working on a new selection format to chose their participant for the 2018 contest. He would neither confirm or deny if fan favourite Helene Fischer would be the right choice for Germany, instead stating that ARD are working on a new method of choosing their entry for next year.

As reported by Eurovoxx last month, viewing figures in Germany have seen a steady decline over the last couple of years. Although Germany provides the most viewers by country, this has still not stopped the amount of people watching decrease. 2017 saw the figure see a sharp fall of 1.57 million a year after they came last in 2016. This along with the mounting criticism from the public may possibly be the reason as to why ARD are proposing a possible change.

Since 2013 the year that saw Cascada come 18th with 39 points, the country has failed to make waves on score board. In fact the last three years have been pretty dire where they have come last on two occasions in 2015 and 2016. Levina's 6 points this year only marginally ensured they did not suffer the same fate again. In the last 17 years, Germany have only internally selected once, and that was in 2009 when heartthrob Oscar Loya was chosen.

Will ARD go this way again? Tell us what you think in the comments below on how Germany may improve.

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