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Severina's new single Mrtav Bez Mne is causing quite the stir.

It may have been over ten years since Severina's participation at Eurovision, however her music career shows no sign of slowing down. On Monday she released her new single "Mrtav Bez Mene" (Dead without me), which is causing quite a stir in her native Croatia. The song which shows the triumph and trauma's of love begins with the lines, “I regularly dream of choking you with my teeth, pulling out your heart with my hands and putting it on the ice.” This illustrates the passion of love, and how it makes you think, and want to do dark things. Check the video out here:

The Balkan Beauty's new song is in her typical style of Baltic pop and it has an ethnic beat, but also has dark qualities to it too. The video is dark, and grey and has her with these influences, and her highly charged performance reflects the trials and tribulations of love. She has become quite famous in Croatia, and certainly raised eye brows for her daring performances, and videos. However, she is loved there, and in 2015 became the most googled female in Croatia. The song itself reflects how most who are, or have been in love react when times change. The lyrics and performance reflect this. The song is the third single from her new album which will be released in two parts, the first in July, and the second in late Autumn.

Severina is no stranger to the music industry, and has been performing well before she participated at Eurovision, and since then continues to grow from strength to strength. Her first album was released in 1989, and since then Severina has released nearly 15 more, all gaining her various amounts of success and prominence. After her performance at Eurovision she was voted as one of the top 100 most influential Croats. She also is a lady of many talents appearing in several films, and theatre (and no we are not talking about the sex tape scandal of 2004).

At Eurovision itself she represented Croatia in 2006 with the song Moja štikla which was sung in Croatian, and performed highly energetic. The song was loved by many Eurovision fans, and achieved a placing of 12th with 56 points, and peaked at number 6 in the Croatian charts. Her continued success has led to many asking her to return to the Eurovision stage. Check out her Eurovision entry here:

What do you think of the song? Let us know in the comments below:

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