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"It's Complicated" Maraaya feat. BQL release their new single.

It's another day, and another single. Yesterday Maraaya, Slovenia's 2015 Eurovision duo, and BQL who were EMA's runners up from this year have teamed up to release a brand new song, called "It's Complicated". A contemporary hit, it certainly should be this years summer feel good song. Having an upbeat rhythm, combined with a chilled theme, this song certainly has all the right ingredients to make it to the top of the Slovenian charts. Written by Marraya along with "Rise Like a Phoenix" co writer Charlie Mason, this song should do well among the Baltic states. It will help that a Croatian version of this song has also been released entitled, "Sjaj". Check the video out here:

For those who may not know. Marraya represented Slovenia in 2015 with the song "Here For You", the song performed reasonably well, with them earning 39 points, coming 14th. The song was a fairly commercially one, successfully charting in several European nations including Slovenia, Austria and Belgium. The group was founded by Marjetka and Raay in 2014, and is a combination of both their names. They have had several singles, and first charting in 2014, and this continues to this day where they have released their new single "It's Complicated" yesterday. Check out their Eurovision Song here:

Although BQL have not participated in Eurovision, they did however enter the Slovenian national final EMA with the song "Heart Of Gold", they came second after the professional jury placed them 4th, but they did win the public vote. BQL first came to prominence in 2016 and consist of two brothers Roc, and Anej Piletič with the song Muza which became an instant hit, and one of the most played songs in Slovenia last year. Check out their EMA performance here:

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