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Nina Kraljić releases her new song "Vir".

Nina Kraljić who represented Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song "Lighthouse", is back with her new song "Vir" which translates into Vortex. It comes from her debut album Samo (Only) which was released last Autumn. Eurovoxx has heard the song, and really likes it's cool tempestuous tune, which has hints to her Eurovision song Lighthouse. You can listen to the song here:

According to Nina the song, and video is about a girl who is trying to fight her subconscious. As the song gets more gripping, these emotions are portrayed through her expressions. It is her personal experiences that is reflected in the video. Her album Samo was released on September 30th 2016, and peaked at position 8 in the Croatian charts.

When it comes to music Nina is certainly no novice as she has studied opera, and first came to the attention of the Croatian public in 2009 when she entered their version of "talent" coming tenth. In 2015 she appeared on "the voice" and did considerably better than talent, winning the competition, gaining her widespread notability.

In 2016 she was chosen to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest, being successful at taking them from the semi finals to the final, which hadn't been achieved by the nation for 7 years. She came 23rd with 73 points. She may not have won but Nina did however win the Barbera Dex award. The same year she also won an award in the Croatian music awards for best up and coming female artist.

We hope to see more music from Nina in the future?

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