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VoxxNews Weekly ~ Eurovision News RoundUp

Language Barrier For Slovenia in 2018

RTVSLO - the broadcaster for Slovenia have released a new rule into the selection process for their Eurovision entry and singer for 2018. The show - titled EMA has implanted a rule saying all competing entries must now be performed in the native language of Slovene or a recognised minority language, which are as follows: German, Croatian, Italian, Hungarian, Romani and Serbian. This means the entry cannot be performed in English, the last Slovenian entry not to feature any English was Eva Boto and "Verjamem" back in 2012. This year Slovenia were represented by Omar Naber and his self-penned song "On My Way" but failed to make the final.

Kosovo Finally To Make Their Eurovision Debut?

RTK - the national broadcaster of Kosovo have said this week they are hopeful of participation in Eurovision in Portugal. Kosovo - who declared independence from Serbia back in 2008, have never participated in the contest, despite countless attempts and applications to the EBU allowing them to do so and in Feburary also had their only dialling code set up and functioning, allowed Kosovar residents to vote in the competition should their be allowed to compete. Also host nation Portugal is one of 111 countries who recognise Kosovo as an independent nation, should Kosovo be allowed entry to the competition it could cause tension as Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina still do not fully recognise Kosovo as a stand alone nation.

The Host City For Eurovision Is...Not Lisbon?

May 15th - RTP, the Portugese broadcaster and now organisers of Eurovision 2018 announced that Lisbon would be hosting Eurovision 2018, but not that seems not to be the case. Since the announcement, RTP have gone back on the announcement and other cities have announced their desire to host the contest and are preparing official bids and cases to host the competition in May 2018, the other cities who expressed interest in hosting the contest are: Espinho, Faro, Guimarães, Gondomar and Santa Maria da Feira. Lisbon is still the heavy favourite to host the contest, with many expected the venue to be confirmed as the MEO Arena, which can hold a capacity of 20'000 spectators.

Ireland To Return To A National Final For 2018?

After several years of unsuccesful attempts at qualifying at Eurovision, could a change be on the way? It was 2013 when Ireland last qualified for the final, and as a result the wind of change may be coming to the Emerald Isle. It has been speculated that in the annual review of its Eurovision participation in the summer, that a change to a national final where the public may vote on the representative for Portugal. Marty Whelan who is Ireland's commentator for the past 19 years, admits Ireland is doing it's best, and it is "very upsetting" to commentate on a final, when Ireland is not present. He also adds, "We need to be in the final, so we're going to see if we can come up with another formula....Maybe it's time for a national song contest again, maybe it isn't". Will Ireland do better next year and qualify for the Grand Final?

Czech Republic Confirms Eurovision 2018

Despite failing to qualify to the final for Eurovision 2017, and only making it to the Grand Final only once during 2016. It has been confirmed by the Czech broadcaster Ceska Televize that they will broadcast and participate in the 2018 contest. Although no details of the selection process has been decided, the broadcaster stated that despite it's disappointments that it is committed to Eurovision, and will continue to be present at the competition. Martina Barta represented the nation in 2017 with the song, "My Turn" failing to qualify in its semi final, culminating in 13th position with 83 points. Will the Czech Republic qualify next year? Stay tuned to find out.

The EBU Will Take On More Of A Role When Preparing For Eurovision

After the debacle leading up to the 2017 contest, where there were delays, and last minute changes to the contest which included Russia withdrawing. The head of the Reference Group for Eurovision Dr Frank- Dieter has stated that the EBU will take more of an active role in future contests, to help prevent the problems that occurred this year. He stated that, "this will be a consequence of this Eurovision Song Contest: that the EBU will be more involved in preparing". He re-stated that even smaller nations if they should win, have signed up to finding the costs for hosting, and that is a principle they will not be changing. In regards to Portugal, even though Lisbon was singled out initially, the reference group would like a other cities to have a chance and bid on the process.

Jamala opens up about the naked butt on her performance at Eurovision

Depending on your opinion, whether it be a highlight or lowlight, during her performance at the Grand Final of the song "I Believe In You" Jamala was rudely interrupted by the famous Ukrainian prankster Vitaly Sedyuk. As she was singing her song he walked straight past security onto the stage wearing an Australian flag, with his butt exposed and pranced around Jamala. Under pressure she kept her composure, and continued singing whilst security ushered him off stage. On the TV show 'Secular Life', Jamala said she wasn't scared, and that he was more frightened. "I just sang my song, i carry the message I need to do....I did my job". Of all the people she was very damning of the security, who she stated they allowed him to 30 seconds to run around, "I did my job, but they did not". The prankster was subsequently arrested, and released.. Do you agree with Jamala that security was to blame?

Possible sanctions against Russia and Ukraine?

Anyone following the 2017 contest could fail to see the difficulties that were posed to the EBU during the lead up. From the delays choosing the city, the dismissal of the core team, and to Russia withdrawing made this years competition no easy feat. The chairman of the ESC Reference Group Dr Frank Dieter Freiling has spoken out possible sanctions. He acknowledged that all things considering the show went without a hitch, but stated it was the collaboration with non Ukrainian television producers helped. In regards to sanctions he admitted that it was a "propaganda war", and that during the forthcoming Reference Group meeting on the 12th June that, "incidents will not be without consequences". Will both countries be allowed to be present in Portugal 2018, stay tuned to Eurovoxx.

Ireland's Noel Curran announced as new EBU director General

The European Broadcasting Union announced this week that former Irish Head of Delegation and RTE boss Noel Curran, is the new Director General, succeeding Ingrid Deltenre. Euro fans may also know Noel to be the husband of the 1996 winner Eimear Quinn who romped to victory in Oslo with "The Voice". In a statement by the EBU published on their website says, "We are delighted to welcome Noel Curran as the new Director General of the EBU". They also stated, "Noel was the candidate of choice.... his leadership experience as Director General of RTE will be invaluable as the EBU moves towards the next chapter in it's history". Will Noel make any changes or will it be business as usual?

Your favourite Eurovision stars have some new singles out It has been a busy week for all your favourite Eurovision artists, we have several new singles, check them out below:

Nina Zilli with "Mi Hai Fatto Fare Tardi

Levina with "Stop Right There"

Francesco Gabbani with "Tra Le Granite E Le Granate"

Raphael Gualazzi with "La Fine Del Mondo"

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