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Have you heard Francesco Gabbani's single "Tra Le Granite E Le Granate" yet?

It's been less than a month since Portugal's Salvador Sobral romped to victory in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. He was not the favourite before the competition, however it was the Italian heart throb Francesco Gabbani, who was the bookies favourite before the contest. His song Occidentali's Karma was a huge hit with everybody before the competition. It had well over 125 million views on YouTube, streamed millions of times on Spotify. It went multi platinum in Italy, and made the Italian public fall in love with the competition all over again. Check his new single out here:

Not long after, the Italian man of the moment, and hot property shows no sign of slowing down, and has released a new single. "Tra Le Granite E Le Granate" is the name of the song. With it's happy and summery feel, this song too, is hitting the right notes. Already, it has amassed nearly 9.5 million views, done very well in the Italian charts, and shows that fans still love him. He may not have won the contest, but his popularity is still there, and seems to be gaining in momentum. His new single, just like his previous is fun and tells of people at crowded beaches, and running away from a dull life.

The song comes from the highly successful album, " Magellan" which was number one in Italy, with songs featuring in many international iTunes charts. He has been all over Italian television since Eurovision, and has hosted the 2017 MTV awards Italy.

Francesco Gabbani made history by being the only person to have won the SanRemo song festival twice in Italy. At Eurovision despite being favourite he did achieve a respectable 6th position with 334 points, continuing Italy's successful return.

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