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Are Ireland about to change their selection Process?

Following on from Eurovoxx recent article in regards to Ireland's Noel Curran being announced as the new EBU director general. It seems that there seems to be changes afoot for the Emerald Isle, and how they are going forward with their national final process. In the last few years Ireland have opted for the internal selection, with very little in the way of success. It was 2013 when they qualified for the grand final, and now it seems those in charge with providing Ireland's Eurovision entry now want a change.

With nothing confirmed and only speculation at this point discussions will likely turn on to how Ireland can improve its fortunes at the contest when they hold their annual review into its Eurovision participation over the summer. With no direct qualifications to the final for 4 years, the current formula will be deemed unsuccessful, and a national final may be seen as the only way forward for those wishing to see Ireland in the Grand Final.

Marty Whelan, Ireland's commentator for nearly twenty years has expressed his opinion, on how his nation can improve its fortunes. He stated that it was upsetting commentating on a final without Ireland, and also added, "It's four years in a row and we don't need that again. We need to be in the final, so we're going to see if we can come up with another formula". This pointing to a national selection perhaps?

He is quick to add that RTE (Irelands national broadcaster) is doing its best, and says, "How can a song from Portugal, sung in Portuguese, how could it win? But the song was gorgeous and it won". He claims, that the majority of times mini-skirts, dancers and pyro-technics are what's needed, but this year was different. He added if most countries are sending the best that they can, so is Ireland. "Maybe it's time for a national song contest again, maybe it isn't". More or less he states that it is purely the luck of the draw, and Ireland seemed to be out of it at the moment.

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