The national broadcaster of Belarus, BTRC, have begun their selection process for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017. All candidates who would like to take part have until 30th June to submit their song to the Belarussian broadcaster. Once submitted, a jury will listen to all of the songs and decide which songs will make it to the live national final, where the winner will be decided by a combination of jury and televotes.

In Russia, 21 songs have been selected to compete in the live national final that is scheduled to take place on 3rd June:

  1. Viktoriya Bezdomnikova – Provokatsiya (Provocation)

  2. Polina Borusevich – Krelya (Wings)

  3. Anastasiya Gladilina – Pover (Believe Me)

  4. Vladlena Gubareva – Vorona (Crow)

  5. Egor Ermolaev – Para (Couple)

  6. Kirill Esin – Yarkiye Tantsy (Bright Dances)

  7. Gruppa “Kinder Star” – Pikhama Pati (Pajama Party)

  8. Elvira Kirsanova – Mechta (Dream)

  9. Yuliya Kondrashenko – Moya Muzika (My Music)

  10. Gruppa “Kudri” – Kudri (Curls)

  11. Arseniye Kulikov – Gadkhety (Gadgets)

  12. Glafira Leukhina – Momente (Moments)

  13. Ksenia Neznamova – Oblaka (Clouds)

  14. Ulyana Ovchinnikova – Davaye Uletim (Let’s Fly Away)

  15. Gruppa “Ochechi” – Vekhodnoye (Output)

  16. Gruppa “Papaiya” – Veshe (Higher)

  17. Polina Terekhova – Puls Planety (Pulse of the Planet)

  18. Veronika Ustimova – Ya Be Khotela Vse Uznat (I Would Like To Know Everything)

  19. Vilena Hikmatullina – Gravitatsiya (Gravity)

  20. Anna Chernotalova – Eta Muzika (This is Music)

  21. Gruppa “Emoji” – Vremiya Ne Zdet (Time Does Not Wait)

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