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Voxxnews Weekly ~ Eurovisions News RoundUp

Fifth time lucky for Valentina Monetta?

In an interview with San Marinese newspaper La Serenissima, Valentina discussed her participations, and how she would be tempted to do Eurovision for a fifth time. The Queen of Eurovision would certainly be setting a record if she performed again, appearing on stage more times than any other artists. She stated she didn't know what the future held, but, "For now I’m considering to participate for the fifth time at the Eurovision Song Contest." She revealed that it would more than likely be for another country, as she had received inquiries, from other nations. Also with a recent statement from the Head of San Marino's television station it looks unlikely that the micro state will participate next year. Could Lisbon bring her a second appearance at a final?

Luxembourg will not participate in Lisbon.

Mr Schmit the Director of Programming at RTL (Tele Letzebuerg) has confirmed that the small nation will not compete in Lisbon 2018. 2018 will mark the 25th year that the country has not participated, with them last being seen in Eurovision during the 1993 contest. Mr Schmit stated that Luxembourg could not cover the costs of participating at the contest, and "With the new voting system, it is very unlikely that Luxembourg is successful. Small countries are somewhat more troubled". They join Andorra, and Monaco who have also stated they will not be in Lisbon. Will San Marino be the next small state to official confirm their non participation?

Was three a Crowd?

2017 brought some new faces to Eurovision. It marked for the first time that there would be three male hosts, something which has never been done at the contest before? It turns out that they were not Ukraine's first choice, and in actual fact Hollywood superstar Milla Jovovich was targeted for the role. She is Ukrainian born, but most famous for being a model and starring in the hugely successful "Resident Evil" franchise. Oleg Bodnarchuk the Eurovision 2017 producer stated that she was the person they most wanted as host, but due to fee's and budgets she was unable to host the competition. Will Portugal grab a big name next year?

First Timberlake, then was it nearly Lady Gaga the second time?

Sweden set a precedent and a first in 2016 when they managed to get global superstar Justin Timberlake to perform as the Grand Final Interval act in Stockholm. However, Ukrainian media reports seem to suggest that it was nearly Lady Gaga. Jamala's (winner of Eurovision 2016) manager Igor Tarnopolsky states that she was selected and due to perform as late as April. However, due to budget restrictions she was dropped, and Ruslana (Ukraine's previous winner) performed her new hit "It's Magical". This rumour has yet to be confirmed.

Has Serbia already chosen its artist for Eurovision?

It is reported that Aleksandra Radovic may be ready to represent Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. One of Serbia's most famous singers rejected an offer from RTS which is the Serbian National Broadcaster on the grounds that the contest has changed. She stated that the competition was no longer about the music but on other things. However, as she had a change of heart? The Serbian newspaper Kurir has quoted her as saying about a 2018 participation, "Why not? Everyone would like to represent their own country at Eurovision... I couldn't accept the offer this year because I was busy with my concerts". It would be nice to see Aleksandra Radovic in Lisbon.

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