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The Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017.... Coming Soon.

For those of you suffering from Post Eurovision Depression, fear not as there is a new singing competition coming soon. The European Broadcasting Union responsible for the Eurovision, and Junior Eurovision Song Contest, are bringing a new format to the family, and that is the Eurovision choir of the year 2017. Many of us at Eurovoxx are very excited for this, as there will be an oppertunity to bring a new style of music to the contest. See below for the trailer:

Where and When is the Contest?

2017 will herald the first year that this competition will take place. Instead of a maximum of 6 on stage, a full choir are allowed to perform and represent their country. On 27th February the EBU announced that 7 countries would take place for the first contest, however there has been an addition of 2 others that have made the grand total of 9 performing.

Which Countries Will Participate?

It will be held on the 22nd July 2017 at the Arena Riga, in Riga Latvia. Nine countries are going to be present and they are:

1) Austria with Harchor Linz 2) Belgium with Les Pastoureaux 3) Denmark with Academic Choir of Aarhus 4) Estonia with Estonian TV Girls; Choir 5) Germany with Jazzchor Freiburg 6) Hungary with Bela Bartok Male choir 7) Latvia with Spigo 8) Slovenia with Carmen Manet 9) Wales with Cor Merched Sir Gar

What Are The Rules and Voting procedures?

Each participating country will send a choir, it is more than likely that a commentator will be present too. Unlike Eurovision there will be no tele voting, and no 'douze point', instead a winner will be chosen by a professional and impartial jury. The jury will consist of Latvia's Elina Garanca (a mezz- soprano), Switzerland's Nicolas Fink (a conductor), and finally United Kingdoms John Rutter (composer). Although the United Kingdom is not taking part, it's interesting to see that Wales have gone in as an independent nation. This would very unlikely happen at Eurovision. It will also be the first time that Welsh will be heard at Eurovision, if they decide to sing in the national language.

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