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Our Thoughts With Manchester!!!

May 23, 2017

Throughout the day the grizzly details of Monday nights sad tragedy has come to light.  Details have emerged through the media that have saddened the entire world, and brought it together in a collective grief.  Twenty two people have been killed and 59 injured after a suicide bomber detonated a device at the end of the concert which was being performed by American singer Ariana Grande at Manchester.

Countless singers, and world leaders have all sent messages of sympathy and support for those affected, and the city of Manchester.  Unfortunately it has emerged that a lot of those caught up in this horrific event were children who there enjoying a performance by one their idols.  There are still so many missing, and not accounted for, Eurovoxx hopes those will be found safe and well.

Here at Eurovoxx the whole team would like to send their thoughts, and prayers to those affected by the tragic incident.  We certainly, are extremely saddened that such innocence should be brutally destroyed.  Why should innocent people seeking a fun night out together, have it ended in such an appalling way?  Our hearts, prayers and thoughts are with them all, and the city of Manchester. 

Terrorism will NEVER win!!!! Acts of savagry will NEVER win!!! Peace, Love, and kindness will always prevail.  Manchester will slowly heal, the power of love will ensure this.



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