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Zoe - the Austrian, French singing darling of Eurovision 2016, who won the hearts of millions with her efforts in Stockholm with her song “Loin D’ici”which achieved Austria a respectable 13th place overall has returned with her brand new single “Dangerous Affair”

One major change fofr Zoe is her choice of language, Dangerous Affair is fully in English, although citing she will never fully stop writing songs in French, she felt this was the right time to try new things and music in a new language seems to be one of them!

''While writing my new single Dangerous Affair, I never planned or thought about the language, it just happened to be in English, and I felt very comfortable with it.“

If you were expecting Dangerous Affair to be ANYTHING like her Eurovision entry, or even her first album titled “Debut” prepared for a shock, the sweet girl next door image is gone and Dangerous Affair is a slow to mid tempo modern quality to it, it’s inventing, its haunting and it lures you in, I guess if I had to compare it to anything, it’s a bit like ‘City Lights” combined with some of the ethnic and slow building elements of “Fly With Me” in one song, either way the song is a solid single form the young 20 year-old, and she is currently working on songs for her second album, a release for which has not yet been announced.

Dangerous Affair was released worldwide on May 19th and is available on all online streaming platforms! So give it a listen and give us a comment of your thoughts and feelings on the song! I for one am enjoying this Dangerous Affair!

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