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One week on and most of us will be suffering from the inevitable PED (Post Eurovision Depression for those not in the know!) - so we thought it might help to re-live some of our special moments from this year...

After many years of trying...Portugal finally bring it home!!

You've got to hand it to the Portuguese - if you don't succeed, try, try, try again - and they certainly did! They first graced the Eurovision stage in 1964, but had never seen the Top 5 of the final placings - their best result being 6th in 1996. However after a year's break, Portugal returned with a timeless song, that, as the competition drew nearer, started to build a huge buzz - something we hadn't seen ever for a Portuguese entry. It quickly rose in the betting odds, and many could not see anything else winning by the time it came to the final. And they certainly were proved right...And it certainly meant a lot...

#TeamEurovoxx | Jessica says ''My favourite moment has to be seeing Portugal win after so many years of trying without a win or even a top 5 placing...''


Moldova gain their best result yet

Many people did not take this song seriously in the early days of song selections 2017, but by the time rehearsals had begun, it became clear that this was going to be one to watch. Moldova breezed through their semi final, and surprised many on the night of the final itself coming in 3rd overall, including a significant number of jury votes. It became clear that this would keep the general viewing public happy on the Saturday night, and the sight of Epic sax guy once again on the Eurovision stage? Need we say more...

#TeamEurovoxx | Oliver says ''this was my number one moment this year..''


The return of the Queen!!

Eurovision fans around Europe have cried out for it since her previous participation in Copenhagen 2014, however when SMRTV, the Sammarinese broadcaster teased us with news of a duet, no-one was as positively surprised as we were when Valentina announced her return, and to top it all off, we were introduced to the delightful and charming Jimmie Wilson in the process.

Bringing another Ralph Siegel penned party song ''Spirit Of The Night'' allowed Valentina to demonstrate what it means to have a good time at Eurovision, and although they didn't pass through to the final (one of this years' crimes) - they definitely showed they are up for a good time, and taught us all how to have fun!!

#TeamEurovoxx | Andy says ''Long Live the Queen!!''


Salvador and Luisa's winning reprise

OK, OK - another Portugal moment!! Whilst the winner this year was not to everyone's taste, no-one could argue with the sentimentality of Salvador inviting his sister to perform their winning song together. Luisa had become a star in her own right, standing in for Salvador in the early rehearsals, and it was a real touching moment for many to see the siblings sing together following their win...


Australia giving 12 points to the UK

For UK fans it was a real treat to see Lucie Jones' stunning and emotional performance resonating with jurors around the continent, with a steady flurry of points making their way onto the scoreboard to shine against the familiar Union Jack, however it was Lee Lin Chin who finally spoke those immortal words that the Brits had gotten used to not hearing...

#TeamEurovoxx | Chris says ''I might be biased but this was definitely one of my special moments..''


Hungary making the Top Ten

Although it was a not your typical Eurovision song, and in his own words a potential risk, Joci Papai's powerful performance and backstory earned him many fans in the build up to the competition. Coming from the Gypsy community, Joci was 'doing this for his people' and showing them that through hard work and belief, anyone could succeed. His final top ten placing in the final was a real testament to this, and firmly placed him as an inspiration to many. Definitely one of the most powerful performances of the night...

#TeamEurovoxx | Andy says ''Meeting Joci was an incredible moment for me - he has such passion, but is so understated in his demeanour..''


Return of the National Language

OK, so maybe not the return, but national languages were definitely way more prominent this year - including our first treat to a fully Belarussian ditty, pleasing many of the fans. It was also worth noting that not only was the winner not in English for the first time since 2007, but also all songs in their national language qualified through to the final.

#TeamEurovoxx | Emilie says ''It was great to see national languages do so well this year.''


Romania. Just Romania (oh and of course THAT kiss!)

We were overjoyed to see Romania back in the competition this year, and Ilinca and Alex brought a real sense of fun with their novelty mix of yodel and rap! A fall early on in the rehearsal where Alex nearly got run over by a giant canon (yes only at Eurovision!) didn't dampen their chances, and Romania romped into 7th place on the night, behind favourites Italy. It was definitely one of the songs you could not get out of your head this year...and dare we even mention the kiss?

#TeamEurovoxx | Ludvig says ''This took me back to my childhood - completely bonkers, and fascinating that someone actually came up with the idea! Only in Eurovision...!!''


Jana gets engaged!!

So she may not have made it through from her semi-final, but FYR Macedonia's Jana Burceska was not only celebrating baby joy (announcing her pregnancy in true Eurovision style - through her intorductory postcard!) but her partner then surprised everyone by proposing to her live on TV! What can a girl say eh? ..oh well of course she said YES!

#TeamEurovoxx | Stina says ''Best Eurovision moment in history for me! Made me cry!!''


Sisters doing it for themselves!!

We don't think we know anyone who didn't fall in love with the Dutch Vol sisters from O'G3NE during Eurovision season. With a song penned about their mother's illness, the girls brought tight harmonies, even tighter outfits, and beautiful positive message, and consistently flawless performances time after time.

After making it through to the final, it was clear that this was a potential top ten contender, and although just missing out in 11th place, their grand final performance was definitely one of our highlights.

#TeamEurovoxx | Clara says ''Just seeing them crying in a group hug at the end of their performance, in a sort of -girls we made it, our dream has come true- kinda way...''


So these are just some of OUR favourite moments from this year...but we would love to know yours! Don't forget to comment below, and let us know!!

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