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And The Winner Is.............?

Just because an artist has failed to progress to the finals of the Eurovision, or actually win the Song Contest it does not mean that they are still not winners. What has become just as synonymous with the contest, and familiar with the fans, is the Barbera Dex award. This award has been given out to those artists that have won the worst dress artist of the year. It is named after Barbera Dex, who was Belgium's singer at the contest in 1993. Her self made dress inspired "House of Eurovision" to name it after her. Now in it's twentieth year we bring you the winner of the 2017 edition. As a clue it's the second Balkans nation to win it.

We now give you a list of previous winners of the Barbera Dex award to the 2017:

1997- Debbie Scerri, "Let Me Fly" (Malta) 1998- Guildo Horn, "Guildo Het Euch Lieb" (Germany) 1999- Lydia, "No Quiero Escuchar" (Spain) 2000, Nathalie Sorce, "Envie De Vivre" (Belgium) 2001- Piasek, "2 Long" (Poland) 2002- Michalis Rakinzis, "S.A.G.A.P.O. (Greece) 2003- t.A.T.u, "Ne Ver', Ne Boysia" (Russia) 2004- Sandra Ladosi, "I Admit" (Romania) 2005- Martin Vucic, "Make My Day" (F.Y.R. Macedonia) 2006- Nonstop, "Coisas De Nada" (Portugal) 2007- Verka Serduchka, "Dancing Lasha Tumbai" (Ukraine) 2008- Gisela, "Casanova" (Andorra) 2009- Zoli Adok, "Dance With Me" (Hungary) 2010- Milan Stankovic, "Ovo Je Balkan" (Serbia) 2011- Eldrine, "One More Day" (Georgia) 2012- Rona Nishliu, "Suus" (Albania) 2013- Moje 3, "Ljubav Je Svuda" (Serbia) 2014- Vilija Mataciunaite, "Attention" (Lithuania) 2015- Trijnte Oosterhuis, "Walk Along" (The Netherlands) 2016- Nina Kraljic, "Lighthouse" (Croatia)


2017- Slavko Kalezic, "Space" (Montenegro)

Slavko faced stiff competition from Latvia's Triana Park and Czech Republic's Martina Barta, however he prevailed. Slavko, his performance, and song was "fabulous", and he earns the Barbera Dex award for being the worst dress performer this year. Congrats Slavko, Eurovoxx loves you!!! Check his performance out here:

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