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Could Samantha Mumba be flying the flag for Ireland?

RTE had strong hopes that Brendan Murray would end the deadlock that has seen Ireland relegated to the semi finals every year since 2014. Ireland the traditional power house of the Eurovision Song Contest, has won it on seven occasions, and made the top 10 on so many other times, have somewhat seen their fortunes change. Having Louis Walsh involved has not changed this, initially having successes with Jedward in 2011 and 2012 appeared to work. However, having Nicky Byrne (westlife) and Brendan has not progressed Ireland to the finals.

The fact that Ireland have not qualified since 2013 has seem to have been a hot bed of political and media debate lately. Many eyeing Ireland's successful past, and wondering what are they doing wrong now? The Irish times stated that they needed, "to take back control of our song selection.... and get passionate again". Politicians such as Niamh Smyth has also waded in to the debate saying either Ireland take it serious, or not bothering at all.

Unfortunately, this isn't the noughties, where Ireland dominated, it is the new millennium where it has become somewhat a huge international music event. What once was, is no longer. Nevertheless, Ireland are now looking for their saviour, and are wondering if it could come in the form of Samantha Mumba? The Irish times, mentioned that Ireland needed her, and she has heard these calls and responded, "I would love to!". These are the words from her twitter account, and shows that she is willing to represent Ireland.

Samantha Mumba's Tweet saying she would love to do Eurovision.

Who is samantha Mumba?

Samantha Mumba is an Irish singer who made her fame in the early 2000. Her debut single was her most successful. "Gotta Tell You" reached the top ten in Ireland, the UK, and America. She has released several other records, which has not achieved the success her debut single did. She also appeared in the blockbuster, "The Time Machine", and although out of the spot light in the UK, and many other parts. Samantha's success still continues in Ireland as she is still a household name. Check out her debut hit here:

Samantha has not been confirmed, and at the moment, she has just shown interest in singing at the Eurovision. A lot is likely to change between now and May next year. Keep up to date with all the latest news here.

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