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Robin Bengtsson, "Can't Go On", and says it as it is!!!

It has only been four days since Salvador Sobral gave Portugal its first ever victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, but already signs of despondancy seem to be arrising over the winners choice of words. Portugal romped to victory winning both the public, and jury vote, whith a very sweet ballad, that hit the right note with many. All was well for Salvador until he made his winners speech at the end of the contest. It is this speech that has seemed to have caused quite a stir among some fans, and singers who were there competing for their countries. One of these singers was Robin Bengtsson of Sweden.

It all started when Salvador said in his final speech, "We live in a world of fast food music. This is a victory for music.... music isn't fireworks, music is feeling". Although, he probably didn't mean to offend, those artists who had fireworks in their performances, or sang a traditional pop song, could no less wonder, were they less worthy than Salvador to win? and was he criticising them? Even the British Commentator Graham Norton commented that it would be nice in the real world, but this is Eurovision. Eurovision has always been known for the quirkiness, and fireworks.

Robin Bengtsson is the first artist this year to publicly challenge Salvador, and made a few quips about the "fast food...disposable music". In a press conference, and on his Instagram page Robin stated,

"Congrats on your victory, I really like your song and the way you sing it, but I think your speech after winning the ESC was below the level of a true winner. 'Fast food' pop music can be the best thing in the world at the right place and time, so can a song beautiful as yours. There is room for everyone".

Image courtesy of Robin Bengtsson's Instagram page

"There is room for everyone" are certainly beautiful words that colour the true spirit of Eurovision, and certainly illustrate this years Eurovision message of "Celebrating diversity". Although, Salvadors words probably were not meant to offend he is right that music is feeling, but that feeling can come in many forms. For some it is a beautiful ballad, for others it is rock, others maybe that pop song. Music is music, regardless of what genre it is.

More will likely be said in the coming days, and weeks so stay tuned to Eurovoxx for all your latest news.

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for the quirkiness, and fireworks.

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