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Lisboa for 2018

It has not been a week since the ashes of the 2017 have settled, and there are already rumours regarding the host city and venue surfacing. This news comes somewhat early compared to that of Ukraine. Fans, and the press had to wait several months before Kiev was chosen as host city, with the decision being delayed several times before the final announcement in December. Portugal proud of winning the contest seem to be on the ball, and have already seem to have decided the city, and venue. Yet to be officially confirmed by the European Broadcasting Union, the choice of city does seem to be credible has host broadcaster RTP confirmed the news yesterday in a news report. So what do we know?

The City:

There were only going to be two real contenders, and they would have been Porto or Lisbon. Both are large enough, but both contain the venue and facilities to host. Nevertheless RTP, confirmed yesterday that Lisbon was to be the Eurovision capital of music next year. A Popular choice among many, and popular that it has given fans, and the press the opportunity to prepare so early. As this is Portugal's first win, they really want to show case, the city and the country. Choosing Lisbon, this would certainly be the case. It is a very large, bright, cosmopolitan city. It has plenty of attractions, a great infrastructure, and fantastic transport links. It also has the history, and culture, and is very welcoming for tourists. Portugal have had a lot to celebrate lately, but next year it can include hosting the Eurovision. The EBU will allow Portugal to introduce an options for cities to bid for the honour of hosting. However, it already seems like RTP have decided. Several of the Eurovoxx team have been there, and believe it to be the perfect place to host it. Lisbon it is!!!

The Venue:

Lisbon is not short of stadiums, amphitheatres and arena's to host the contest. However, in the report that RTP broadcast ,they did hint as the possibility of the MEO arena being chosen to host. If this if true, it would be a fantastic place. It could hold up to to 20,000 people, which would be great for fans as it would allow more tickets to be sold. It was built in 1998 for the Lisbon World Exposition, and has been home to a number of events in previous years. The biggest being the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2005. Could Eurovision be on that list too? The MEO arena and its surrounding area has such a casual, relaxed feel about it, but at the same time has the facilities for the red carpet ceremony, has places for the press to go. However, it also contains an oceanarium which is out of this world. You can even see the Penguins, and Otters being fed. This all being a stone throw from the stadium. Also, it has a very international feel to it, with the flags of all nations congregated together in a promenade area. All this in a breathtakingly beautiful area surrounded by the sea (lake), where water sports are played. Even if this venue is not the one chosen, there are loads of other very suitable places in Lisbon. As the weeks, and months progress we will have more news to give you on this. Stay tuned to Eurovoxx to find out.

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