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The Results, Votes and Statistics Analysed.

All votes have been announced and the winner has been decided. Now it is time to have a proper look at the results of the contest. The votes have now offically been released, and we can now divulge the contents of them. We will look at the votes from the semi finals, and final to see if there are any major differences, or interesting patterns that developed in the jury and public votes. We will look at Semi Final 1, then semi final 2 and then the final.

Semi final 1

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Just like the final, we can see that both the juries, and televoters agreed on Portugal being first. Most of the combined results tallied with how the juries and televoters voted. However, Australia came second on the jury vote, but were penalised very heavily with the voting public. They scored only 15th place with the televotes, if it were the old system they would not have qualified. On the other hand Belgium has to thank her loyal supporters for saving them. Blanche could only manage 13th place with the juries, but third with the public vote ensuring she qualified. The Czech republic failed to qualify as a result of the public vote putting them last, however the juries put them seventh. Finland were unlucky, and just missed out on qualification. These are the examples where the two separate votes clashed.

Semi Final 2

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Again, another interesting set of statistics here. All in all, the juries and televoters agreed. Bulgaria topped the poll with both. There were some exceptions. The juries did not favour Romania at all, and held them in 15th position, it was the public vote that saved them. They poled 3rd with them gaining an extra 148 points ensuring their qualified in 6th position continuing their perfect run of finals achieved. On the flip side Austria have the juries to thank for their qualification. Nathan scored highly with the juries coming 4th, but the public vote saw him languish in 14th spot. Croatia too, have to thank the public for making them a finalist, as the juries placed Jacques in 13th position. Finally, Denmark scored exceptionally well with the juries, however televoters had Anja down in 16th position. Serbia just missed out on the final, and poor Malta would have qualified with the juries, however the public were harsh and gave 'nil point'.

The Grand Final

After, the dramatic votes last year that saw the international juries make Ukraine the winner over the televoters favourites Russia, and Australia. This year is very different. Portugal won the public, and jury vote, and Bulgaria came second with both, showing that the favourites won, and there was not a conflicting and shock winner like there was last year. Indeed no controversy in that sense. Even though the new voting system is still being analysed it is proving very popular as it is creating tension.

However, just like the semi finals there were some very big differences in other positions. Gasps and shocks could be heard when the televotes were announced for Austria, United Kingdom and Australia. The first big shock came when Austria who did extremely well with the juries scoring 93 points (11th place), but scored a staggering 0 with the general public. He moved from 11th place to 16th. Australia too, were another victim of 'people power', Isaiah proved very popular with the juries coming in at 4th place with 171 points. When the televotes came in there were more gasps as he was awarded only 2 points with the public vote, meaning Australia being in the top 5 went to ninth position. Finally, Lucie Jones of the United Kingdom was also penalised. At last, the UK had made it onto the left hand side of the board scoring 99 points, and achieving 10th place. She was popular in the hall, but not with the viewers who awarded her a measly 12 points. Therefore, relegating her to 15th position. What is interesting here is the United Kingdom are the only country who were top 10, to finally end up on the right hand side of the board. Norway, and the Netherlands too were penalised by the voting public who awarded them little votes in comparison to the juries, knocking them down. Both were in 4th and 5th position, but moved down to 10th and 11th.

On the opposite side of the spectrum however, there were countries that had to thank the voting public for their positions. The most notable exceptions were Romania who with the juries scored 58 points, but were helped along with the televotes getting an additional 224 points, moving Romania to 7th place in the top 10. The same happened with Hungary, Joci only managed 48 points, but the public loved him, and awarded him an extra 152 points ensuring he too came in the top 10 with 8th position. France and Croatia too were rewarded by the public too moving from the right hand side of the score board, over to the left. Both coming 12th and 13th positions respectively.

Here you have it!!! Eurovoxx analysis of the statistics, more details will ensue in the following days.

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