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That's another year!!! Portugal win the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

There you go folks, it's over. After months of waiting, predicting and chosing favourites we finally have a winner. That winner came in the form of the last minute bookies favourite, Portugal's Salvador Sobral. Over the next few days we will post the break down of the votes and, analyse the result. However, Europe has a new winner, and a worthy one it was. On a night filled with uptempo hits, ballsy ballads, glitter cannons, and yodeling ladies, it was the simple song "Amar Pelos Dois" that won it. With just one man, a beautiful song, and a stunnning backdrop, this had to win. As British commentator Graham Norton put it, "it has elements of "la la land", which it most certainly did. What is interesting is that it is the first time in ten years that a non English song has won, the first time a song sung in Portuguese has won, and the first time Portugal has won.

In a night filled with passionate songs, and performances it was the juries, and international tele-voters that did something unique. For the first time in a very long time both categorically agreed who the winner should be. It was described as a marmite type of song, "you either love it or hate"?, but everyone seemed to love it. It came first with the juries receiving the most 12 points, and it also received the most votes from the public. Other countries, had a massive disagreement from the juries, and the public vote, which is another article for another time. 2017 will now be the year of Portugal. In the jury vote it was over 100 points over its nearest rival Bulgaria. With the televotes, this lead would remain the same, and he would win with a massive 758 points, compared to Bulgaria's 615 points.

The Final Leader board

The bookies favourite most of the year had been Italy, however, it did not quite strike the right chord with voters and only scored 334 points, achieving 6th place. No failure by any means, however up until the last few days Italy was seen as the dead favourite to win, and nothing was going to shift Francesco Gabbani. Nevertheless, Portugal did, and was a worthy winner. Belgium and Sweden also managed to stay in the top 5, along with Bulgaria and Moldova. All had been tipped to do well, with maybe the biggest surprise coming from Belgium. A pre contest favourite, who lost her confidence as the week had worn on. Poor Blanche looked positively scared, however her loyal fans rallied round, and secured her 4th position.

In a night of high drama when Israel announced their withdrawal (yet to be confirmed), Germany came at the bottom part of the leader board for a third year, and talking of bottoms, Jamala's interval act got interrupted by Ukraine prankster exposing his bottom. It was Portugal's night. Salvador Sobral did in fact win the hearts of many, and by doing so breaking a very dubious record in the process. Portugal had been the country who has participated the longest, and have not won a contest. They have now!!!

Salvador missed rehearsals due to illness, his sister who wrote the song was with him all the way. During the voting he did look very confused, and was unsure as to what exactly was happening. However, he won, and got his trophy, and that's what mattered. When he made his speech he stated, "We live in a world of fast food music. This is a victory for music... music isn't fireworks, music is feeling." Although, coming across that many disliked, the sentiment was there. It is Eurovision after all, and the music will be manufactured, and varied. It was a simple, but great song nevertheless. At the end it was beautiful to see the relationship between Salvador, and his sister who duetted together, to reprise the winning song.

Portugal now as the honour of hosting the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest, which will more than likely be held in Lisbon, a wonderful vibrant, colourful , diverse city that will do a great job at hosting. All of us at Eurovoxx will look forward to it, and seeing you all there. Check the winning Eurovision entry out here.

Nos vemos em Portugal no próximo ano!!!

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