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This is #TeamEurovoxx Calling!!!

We all have our favourites, and all think we are experts in predicting the top 5 and winner. The Fab four Andy, Stina, Tural and Slavo have been in Kyiv and see the rehearsals live. We too, can be unbiased and have all compiled a list of who we believe will win, come top 5, and bottom 5. In 6 hours time it will be interesting to see who came the closest with their predictions. Therefore, sit back check them out, and feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below.


Winner- Italy Top 5- Portugal, Romania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Italy Bottom 5- Spain, Germany, Norway, France and Greece


Winner- Italy Top 5- Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Sweden, and Denmark Bottom 5- Spain, Germany, Ukraine, France and Greece.


Winner- Portugal Top 5- Portugal, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Italy, Denmark Bottom 5- Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Cyprus, Greece or Israel


Winner-Bulgaria Top5- Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Bulgaria and Belarus Bottom 5- Spain, Germany, Australia, Ukraine and Norway.


Winner- Italy Top 5- Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Armenia and Bulgaria Bottom 5- Spain, Austria, Ukraine, Germany and Norway


Winner- Italy Top 5- Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Sweden and Australia Bottom5-Ukraine, Greece, Germany, Norway and Poland


Winner- Bulgaria Top 5- Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, Portugal and UK Bottom 5- Moldova, Spain, Germany, Ukraine and Cyprus


Winner- Bulgaria Top 5- Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Portugal and Armenia Bottom 5: Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Ukraine and Greece


Winner- Bulgaria Top5- Bulgaria, Sweden, Portugal, Italy and Armenia Bottom 5- Spain, Cyprus, Norway, Germany, Poland


Winner- Portugal Top5- Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, Netherlands Bottom 5-Spain, Ukraine, Norway, Germany, Azerbaijan


Winner- Portugal Top5, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium Bottom 5- Ukraine, Hungary, Norway, Cyprus, Spain

There you go guys, this is it this is how #TeamEurovoxx have voted, the results are pretty similar with few minor alterations. Do you agree let us know in the comments below:

Overall Winner:

Italy (4 Votes) Bulgaria (4 Votes) Portugal ( 3 votes)

Top 5:

Italy (11 votes) Portugal (11 Votes) Bulgaria (10 votes) Sweden (8 Votes) Armenia (3 Votes) Denmark (3 votes)

Bottom 5:

Spain (10 votes) Germany (10 Votes) Ukraine (9 votes) Norway (6 votes) Cyprus (5 votes)

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