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It's Eurovision time!

Finally, after what has seemed like a lifetime it is finally here. That's right the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest comes live from Kyiv. At 21:00 (CET), 20:00 (GMT), you at home will get a chance to vote on who you want to be crowned Europe's best. Two semi finals, have already taken place culminating in 20 songs progressing to the Grand Final, alongside the winner of last years Eurovision, Ukraine, in which it competes with the Big 5 Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain. Who will win? in around 6 hours time we will know, and this year Eurovoxx believes it will be the closest in years. The international juries voted last night, and the live Grand Final will see you the viewers decide who will be crowned, 'le grand prix de chanson Eurovision'. Before that though, we will have one last look at the odds, and polls and see what they have said. The 26 countries are as follows:


This poll ended on last day of April, and is conducted by the majority of Eurovision countries, and a handful of others, and they help determine who they think will win. Not always correct, they are watched with anticipation, and are seen as an indicator as to what Europe are thinking. To be fair, they do tend to correctly predict which countries are on the left hand side of the board. The top 3 were :

1) Italy with Francesco Gabbani "Occidentali Karma" (497 Points) 2) Belgium with Blanche "City Lights" (335 Points) 3) Sweden with Robin Bengtsson "I Can't Go (308 Points)

YouTube Views:

This changes day by day in regards to the views given. Nothing major has really changed in the last few weeks or months in regards to the views each given by the top 3. However, what is staggering is that the number 1 song, has more that 100 million more viewers than the next. This song is Italy and has broken records back home, and even YouTube ones. No other song in Eurovision has had so many views, before they have performed in the final. The top 3 including the video's are here:

1)Italy with Francesco Gabbani "Occidentali Karma" (110 million + views combination videos)

2) Hungary with Joci Papai "Origo" (10 + million views combination videos)

3) Sweden with Robin Bengtsson "I Can't Go on" (8 + million views)

Nothing has changed, but Italy take the top position with both OGAE and YouTube will this be the same with the Grand Final?

Spotify streams:

What has the Spotify site been doing in the last few weeks, and do the final days figures match up to previous results? Here the top 3 Spotify stream figures:

1) Sweden 12 + million streams 2) Italy 11 + million streams 3) Norway 3+ Million streams

The results from the start of the month, and now have stayed the same.

These results come from streams from the countries own country, what is more interesting when you look at the streams from countries, other than their own, it paints a completely different story. The top 3 based on that result is:

1) Austria with Nathan Trent "Running On Air" 2) Denmark with Anja Nissen "Where I Am" 3) Belgium with Blanche "City Lights"

A very different set of figures here, but which one of these will prevail on the night.

The bookies and the betting odd's:

This is the one that everyone has been looking at. It has consistently seen the top 1 remain the same, but after the semi finals, things have been stirring , and changing. These are the bookies favourites for the outright winner:

1) Portugal 15/8 2) Italy 15/8 3) Bulgaria 9/2

They have changed a lot, and the biggest jump here is Portugal who never troubled the scoreboard but now are the favourites to win. Italy have always topped this poll up until yesterday, but now Portugal seem to be stealing the show. Both Italy, and Portugal keep on swap and changing.

Stina from Eurovoxx review video's

Just for fun we also thought to include these, and will show you what people across Europe have been watching in regards to Stina's review videos. The top 3 have changed a lot recently with one song in particular getting an extra 20,000 views in one night. The top 3, and you can watch them here are:

1) Hungary with Joci Papai "Origo" (gone from 44,000 views 62,000 in one night)

2)Netherlands with OG3NE "Lights and Shadows" (48,000 views)

3) Italy with Francesco Gabbani "Occidental Karma" (46,000 views)

These are just a for fun, but paint an interesting, and different picture to the rest of the polls, and reviews.

All the hard work is over, and the rehearsals are done. The Juries have voted for their favourites, now it is time for you the public to do so. In a little over 2 hours the greatest show on earth will begin, and after months of speculation we will finally know who the winner of the Eurovision 2016 is. Here at Eurovoxx we would like to wish each contestant the best, and may the best song win.

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