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Interview and #TongueTwisterChallenge with Triana Park

A couple of days ago, the first semi-final of Eurovision 2017 took place and was closed by the colourful and energetic performance of Latvia’s Triana Park. Unfortunately, the band were pipped to the final, however we were lucky enough to talk to them a little, get to know them a little better as well as hear some stories from their time in Kyiv. Agnese the lead singer, who was dressed in all-white, was sporting light blue hair and was accompanied by her fellow band members, Arturs, Edgars and Kristaps. Take a look at the interview and have a read of the interview below:

The interview started with Tural introducing Triana Park and their song – which Tural did by singing and even earned some praise from the lead vocalist Agnese. After being asked how they were doing, Agnese responded by saying that she had been spending a lot of nice days in Kyiv and even celebrated her birthday on a boat trip where she was given a bundle of roses from the captain as a present. When asked about the semi-final, Agnese answered saying: “It’s a competition. Whenever you are participating, you always have to be prepared”. She commented further about how unpredictable Eurovision is and noted the change in winner prediction where now Portugal is the favourite to win. Agnese finished by saying that they were confident in that they would qualify but they are going to return home, happy in their performance as it was one of their most important performances in their lives and had lots of fun during the week.

When asked if they had any funny stories, Agnese replied that the group had had many funny stories during the week with their team, especially at the after parties – one of which they had had a few hours before the interview. They couldn’t recall a specific story as they had had so many, especially since they are in a team of 15 other people! Tural then asked the group if they have any plans for after the contest – the group said that they have a lot of concerts booked not just for this year but for the next as well. Agnese also said that the group plans to release a lot of new songs after the contest as pretty much since March, the group have been focusing on “Line” and cannot wait to get back to the recording studio to create more music.

After the interview, we decided to play a small game with the group called the "Tongue Twister Challenge" where the participants are required to say tough English tongue-twisters. The group had a lot of fun and even asked to take a picture of one of our examples so they could practise it in the future! Take a look at the game in the video below!

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