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20 Question Challenge with Triana Park from Latvia

Here at Eurovoxx we wanted to try something new. So instead of the typical questions that the Eurovision artists get asked, we thought we would spice it up by asking 20 random questions, that could be annything. This has been a fun challenge this year, as we get behind the contestants, and see them laugh, and relax.

There is no clock, however we do have a leaderboard to see who answered the 20 questions the quickest. The next challenger this year is the Latvian representative Triana Park who unfortunately failed to qualify from semi final one a few nights ago. Check the video out below for her true reactions, along with a summary of the questions, and answers they gave below:

1. “What’s your favourite song of all time?”

Edgars: The right stuff.

2. “What’s your most favourite film?”

Agnese: The fight club

3. “What’s your favourite colour?”

Edgars: Black

Agnese: All the colours

4. “What’s your favourite food?

Edgars: Pasta

Arturs: Pizza or Curry Chicken

Kristaps: Pizza

Agnese: All the food

5. “When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

Arturs Fireman

Agnese: Salesperson

6. “Name one thing that you would like to do that you haven’t yet.

Arturs: Skydiving

Agnese: Skydiving

Edgars: Travel….alone

7. “Where is your dream holiday destination?”

Arturs: Costa Rica

Agnese: Cuba, somewhere in Asia

8.“Are you a sweet or savoury/sour kind of person?”

Agnese: Sour sweet…yeah!

9. “If you have a bucket list, tell us something from it”

Agnese: I would like to have a family, home… some kind of things that other people don’t

10. "Name a place you like to escape to"

Agnese: An island… like a deserted island

Kristaps: *thumbs up*

11. “How do you relax?”

Agnese: Sleep

Kristaps: Like this: *shows how he sleeps*

Edgars: Watching movies

Agnese: Yeah we love to watch movies. We watch movies here all the time

12. “What most reminds you of home?”

Kristaps: Being away from home

Agnese: Yeah

13. “English or continental breakfast?”

Agnese: English….

Edgars: I think continental

Agnese: No, English

Kristaps: English Agnese: Yeah you have eggs and bacon

14. “How do you keep fit?”

Agnese: We do sports. We do boxing and Arturs is doing physical exercises all the time pretty much so we’re trying to keep it fit!

15. “If you could do a duet with anyone, who would it be?

Agnese: Bjork. It would be amazing! But from Ukraine, as we are in Ukraine, I would like to make a duet with Ivan Dorn because he’s so cute.

16. “What’s your most favourite pizza topping?”

Agnese: Cheese

Kristaps: *thumbs up”

17. “Cats or dogs?”

Agnese: Cats!

Kristaps: Dogs

Arturs: Dogs

Edgars: Dogs

18. “Who is that one person who can always make you smile?”

Kristaps: Donald Trump

Agnese: *laughter* Okay! There was this last thing where he was speaking and having an accordion in his hands! It was so funny

Edgars: Jim Karrey is funny as well

Agnese: Yeah… actually my assistant Roy, he can always make me smile because he has the sickest, weirdest most stupidest jokes ever.

19. “Who is the most important person in your life?

Agnese: My family

Kristaps: *thumbs up*

Arturs: Yeah my family

20. “What is the craziest thing a fan has said to you?”

Agnese: That he has changed the colour of his hair because of me. Yeah it's crazy, there have been a lot of weird stories. I met a guy in Spain who Latvia's flag on his finger. That was like the cutest thing I have ever seen. He was so loyal and Eurovision fans are so loyal actually and so into everything so that was a really cool thing

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