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United Kingdom- How the bookies have not given up on Lucie Jones.

The 2017 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will mark 20 years since the United Kingdom last won the competition. Katrina and the Waves stomped to victory with "Love Shine a Light", and brought the UK it's first win in 16 years. The song also proved to be a hit, and charted in lots of European countries. It brought to an end a decade where Ireland had dominated the Eurovision scene. It has won five times, and has a record breaking number of second positions.

Since then the United Kingdom's fortunes have really diminished. The UK did come second when it hosted the previous year in 1998, and since then the higher positions have diminished, culminating in a 'nil point' in 2003, and a further two last places since. Certainly, when Eurovision entered the noughties the UK has struggled and only managed top ten twice in 2002 and 2009. Can Lucie Jones do well, and reverse these fortunes?

When Lucie was chosen by the joint public and jury vote in the BBC's national final, "Eurovision you decide" in January with the song "Never Give Up On You" they entered the competition as outsiders. The song written by Denmark's 2013 winner Emmelie de Forest was never seen as a potential winner, and always languished near the bottom of the odds.

However, since she has gone to Kyiv to perform her song live during the rehearsals, something has changed. Both the fans, pundits and bookies now seem to be listening, as there has been a lot of attention to her performances. There has been a flurry of money placed down suggesting that she could actually win. Although, Eurovoxx doubts she will, as Italy have a terrific song, and dominated for so long, it is nice to see the song being recognised. Eurovoxx believes it will make it in to the top 10. It has been a long time since a UK entry has had this sort of attention.

When she has performed her voice has been flawless, and as some spectators have commented that it has been "haunting" and "gave them goose pimples". Certainly, the BBC for once should be very proud of how they have done the staging. Simple, yet effective a dark background with a golden sparkle backdrop. This, along with Lucie's flawless voice seems to work, and is getting the much needed attention the song deserves. The performance just like the background can be described as "golden".

It has paid off, at the beginning she was a rank outsider with the best odds given at 200/1. However, since the rehearsals, and touring she has leap frogged over so many that were before her. To be in the bookies top 10 would have been something, but they have persistent and up until yesterday Lucie was joint 5th favourite to win. The bookies have certainly not forgotten her, and given the United Kingdom the much needed hope. Currently Lucie is at 40/1 with the bookies.

Just one day to go until the Grand Final, and everyone gets to see how true this is. Even if she does not win, or fails to make the top 10, the United Kingdom can be proud of the fact that they have put an amazing song, an amazing singer, and choreographed it to perfection. Hopefully, this is a good sign that the BBC is finally helping Britania rule the waves. Check out Lucie's performance below. Everyone would like to wish Lucie Jones the best of luck with Saturday, and hopes it gets the votes that this song deserves.

Check out the video here :

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