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Eurovision- The running order has been decided.

This week has seen 37 countires compete in two semi finals to battle it out for 20 places in the Grand final. Last night saw the culmination of this, where the final ten were decided. Shortly after a running order was done, to decide who would sing where on Saturday. Earlier in the week the Big 5 including the winning semi finalists had drawn lots to see if they would perform in the first half or the second half. Ukrainian broadcaster were allowed to chose thier own position. Below a table is listed of the positions where each country will sing:

The current bookies favourite Italy is singing in position 9, followed by Portugal who is singing in 11th, then Bulgaria is singing 25th spot. Generally songs that sing in the second half tend to do fair better, and most winners have come from these positions. What is interesting to note is that Conchita Wurst sang for Austria in position 11, is that a good omen for Portugal? The show opens with a dance number, and Poland have the unenviable task of performing from position 2. No country has ever won from this place. The show then ends with France. However, songs singing last or very close to last have never fared well. The Grand Final Jury rehearsals will get under way this evening, and in just over 24 hours the winner will be known. Stay tuned to Eurovoxx to find out more.

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