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Eurovision Semi Final 2- The Statistics

Last night the second semi final took place at the International Exhibit Centre in Kyiv. The spectacular show hosted by the trio Oleksandr Skichko, Voldymir Ostapchuk and Timur Miroshnychenko saw 18 coutries compete for the final 10 places for the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest Saturday 11th May. There were many favourites, however only ten could pass to the final. They will be joining the big 5 consisting of United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and the winner from last year Ukraine. Although the actual break down of jury and tele votes wont be broken down until after the Grand Final, here at EuroVoxx we will look at the statistics of those who qualified and those who did not:

The Qualifiers:

1)Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov with the song "Beautiful Mess"

There is no surprise to see this song qualify. Eurovision's youngest contestant has been a hit with fans since his song was announced earlier in the year. In press polls, and OGAE results Bulgaria has consistently scored well, gaining points from most juries. At the contest itself Bulgaria has entered on 11 occasions, and Kristian's qualification to the final makes it their third appearance. They first appeared in 2005, with their best result coming in 2016 where they came 4th, and their worst performance was in their debut year where they came 19th in their semi final. He is doing very well with the bookies and the odds are currently 9/2

2)Belarus: NaviBand with the song "Story of my Life"

Another song that was expected to qualify. The fun, up tempo and colourful style of NaviBand certainly was a hit with voters. Although, not always scoring highly in the polls, and OGAE, they are here and have made the final. At the contest they haven't been particularly successful. This year marks their 14th appearance with NaviBand making Belarus' 5th final. Looking back their best result was back in 2007 with 6th position, and their worst was back in 2006 with 22nd position in the semi final. Currently with the bookies they are 400/1.

3) Croatia: Jacques Houdek with the song "My Friend"

Jacques has been very popular with the fans in Kyiv. Not a favourite going into the competition, charming Jacques has won the hearts of many people. He is a big man, with a big song. This has proven successful, as he has now won his place in Saturdays final. At the contest itself Croatia have appeared 23 times, and this year marks their 18th final. They debuted in 1993 and their best result came in 1996, and 1999 when they achieved 4th position. Their worst result came in 2007 when they came 16th in their semi final. Currently with the bookies they are 80/1.

4) Hungary: Joci Papai with the song "Origo"

Hungary have not really troubled the bookmakers. Hungary in recent years always strong at the competition were another country that were expected to qualify. They debuted in 1994, which is where they achieved their best result of 4th position. Since then they have made 15 appearances, and have competed in the final 13 times. Their worst result came 2008 semi final when they came last. They currently have odds of 250/1 with the bookies.

5) Denmark: Anja Nissen with the song "Where I am"

The Danish and Australian beauty Anja has been very popular with fans. More so for her famous red dress, that she wears. A good song, that breaks the Nordic curse from last year that saw only Sweden qualify. Denmark is the second of the Nordic nations to qualify this year. One of the early veterans of the contest competing first in 1957, they have been quite successful. They have won the contest on 3 occasions in 1963, 2000 and 2013, and only come last on one occasion. This was with Marlena in 2002. Currently with the bookies they are 200/1.

6) Israel: IMRI with the song "I Feel Alive"

Always the bride and never the bridesmaid IMRI is certainly no stranger to the contest. He has appeared for Israel on two separate occasions as a backing singer. This time he is representing them and also managed to get a place in the final. Another fairly successful country at the contest 2016 marks their 40th appearance in Eurovision, with IMRI's progression to the final making it their 34th appearance. They have won the contest on 3 separate occasions in 1978, 1979 and 1998, and their worst result was 24th in 2007 semi final. This up tempo track is 300/1 with the bookies.

7) Romania: Illinca feat. Alex Florea with the song "Yodel It"

Who would have thought that Yodelling, and rap would work. Well it has, and was a hit with the juries, and televoters last night. The up tempo song has been popular with the fans, and is expected to do well on Saturday. Debuting at the contest in 1998, they have never really troubled the scoreboard, with their best results coming in 2005 and 2010 where they came third. Their worst result was in 1998 where they come 22nd. However, they have a 100 % qualification record at the contest. Last year however, they did not get a chance to perform as they were disqualified from the contest, due to an unpaid balance to the EBU. Currently with the bookies Romania are 50/1.

8) Norway: JOWST with the song "Grab the Moment"

Norway were the third Nordic nation to make the grand final this year. They first appeared in 1960, and been present most years since. They have appeared at Eurovision on 56 occasions, and this year marks their 53 final. They have had a fairly successful, and unsuccessful time at the contest. They have won on 3 occasions, 1985, 1995 and 2009. They do however, hold the dubious record of the most last places and nul point. Norway have come last on no less than 11 occasions. We doubt this will be the case this year. With the bookies they are 500/1.

9) The Netherlands: OG3NE with the song "Lights and Shadows"

Netherlands have been a fan favourite. Fans have loved the terrific harmonies, and energy that these girls have, and they can sing. They are doing reasonably well with the bookies, and are expected to make the top 10 this Saturday. Netherlands have competed from the beginning in 1956. They have been fairly successful having won the competition on 4 occasions, 1957, 1959, 1969 and 1975. However, they have come last on 5 occasions. The bookies have them down as 150/1 favourites to win this Saturday.

10) Austria: Nathan Trent with the song "Running on Air"

Nathan has been popular with the fans ever since he was announced earlier in the year. A talented singer who can really sing. He always engages with the fans, and press, which is believed to have helped his qualification to the final. He was expected to progress, and he did. At the contest itself, Austria have had a mix bag of results. First competing in 1957, this year marks their 50th year at the contest. Nathan has made it their 46 final. Of all the years they have competed they have won on two occasions 1966, and 2014, whilst coming last on 8 separate occasions. He is popular with the bookies, and is currently at 300/1 in the odds.

Non Qualifiers:

11) Malta: Claudia Faniello with the song, " Breathlessly"

Claudia has tried on so many occasions to represent Malta at the Eurovision, she won the ticket, but unfortunately, fell at the last hurdle in the second semi final. Malta have been one of the nations that are really proud and embrace the contest. Ever since their first appearance in 1971, they have made 30 appearances, which include 24 finals. Their best result to date was 2nd position in 2002 and 2005. They have come last on 3 occasions in 1971, 1972, and 2006.

12) Estonia: Koit Toome and Laura with the song "Verona"

Estonia are the second of the three Baltic nations that have not qualified for the final. A song, that was liked but not tipped to qualify, didn't. Prior to the semi finals, Estonia have performed quite well. They first participated in 1994, and won the competition once in 2001, and came last during the 2016 semi final. They have made 23 appearances at the contest, but only made 14 finals.

13) Serbia: Tijana Bogicevic with the song "In Too Deep"

Serbia were expected to qualify this year, and were quite popular with fans and the polls. Unfortunately, this does not always guarantee success at the contest, where Serbia failed to progress to the final. A relatively new country at the contest, they first debuted as independent nation in 2007. Since then they won the contest, that very year, with their worst result coming in the 2013 semi final with position 11. They have made 10 appearances at the contest, and made the finals 7 times.

14) F.Y.R Macedonia: Jana Burceska with the song "Dance Alone"

A popular performer, but Jana didn't really impress the bookies before the contest. This was not expected to qualify. Since the introduction of the semi finals F.Y.R. Macedonia have not performed that well. They debuted in 1998, and have made 17 appearances at the contest. Of these 17 occasions, they have made the final 8 times. Their best result to date was 12th in 2006, and their worst was 2011 and 2013 where they came 16th in their semi final.

15) Switzerland: Timebelle with the song "Apollo"

One of the veterans of the Eurovision, Switzerland first participated in the very beginning in 1956. It wasn't expected that they would qualify, and unfortunately they didn't. 2016 marks their 58th appearance, and they have only made 48 finals. They have come first on two occasions in 1956 and 1988 where Celine Dion kick started her career. However Switzerland have come last on 9 occasions.

16) Ireland: Brendan Murray with the song "Dying to Try"

When it comes to Eurovision, you can never put down the Irish. Certainly at the contest they have been the most successful nation ever, with an impressive 7 wins, 3 of which have come from Johnny Logan (2 as an artist and one as a song writer). It was thought that Ireland could sneak through to the final this year, but it was a difficult semi final, and unfortunately for Brendan he didn't quite make it. At the contest itself they are the top dogs, since debuting in 1965 they have won on 7 occasions (1970, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996), and only come last on two occasions in 2007 and 2013. Since the introduction of the semi finals, they have struggled slightly to qualify.

17) Lithuania: Fusedmarc with the song, "Rain of Revolution"

Lithuania are the third of the Baltic nations not to qualify, they are also the only Baltic nation not to win the contest itself. They were not expected to progress, and did not last night. At Eurovision itself, they have appeared 18 times, and made 12 finals. Their best result was 6th in 2006, with their worst being last in the debut year of 1994.

18) San Marino: Valentina Monetta and Jimmy Wilson with the song "Spirit of the Night"

Valentina Monetta is very popular with Eurovoxx, and fans, and is lovingly known as the Queen of Eurovision. 2017 marked her 4th appearance on the Eurovision stage, and it was hoped that the up tempo fun loving song would qualify. Sadly it did not. San Marino are one of the newer members of the Eurovision family first competing in 2008. They have not been that successful and only made it through to one final 2014, where they achieved their best placing of 24th. Their worst came in the debut year of 2008 where they came last in their semi final.

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