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The second semi final has come to a close and we now know all of the countries that will compete in the grand final on Saturday 13th May!

Opening with Serbia and ending with Israel, the show featured strong acts, however, only ten of them managed to qualify for Saturday's show.

The ten countries that qualified, in the order they were announced, were:

1. Bulgaria - Kristian Kostov - "Beautiful Mess"

2. Belarus - NaviBand - "Story Of My Life"

3. Croatia - Jacques Houdek - "My Friend"

4. Hungary - Joci Papai - "Origo"

5. Denmark - Anja Nissen - "Where I Am"

6. Israel - IMRI - "I Feel Alive"

7. Romania - Illinca feat. Alex Florea - "Yodel It"

8. Norway - JOWST - "Grab The Moment"

9. The Netherlands - OG3NE - "Lights and Shadows"

10. Austria - Nathan Trent - "Running On Air"

What do you make of the results? Are you pleased? Are you surprised? Are you disappointed? Let us know what you think and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

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