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Eurovoxx interviews the Queen of Eurovision Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson

It was no suprise to many Eurovision fans when San Marino chose its representative for Eurovision. Having been chosen three times before, and succesfully qualifying for the 2014 Eurovision Grand final, they couldn't chose anyone other than Valentina Monetta. This time she is joined on stage by Jimmie Wilson with the song "Spirit Of The Night", written by Eurovision veteran Ralph Siegel, who is no stranger to the contest himself.

We were so happy that both Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson went "up close and personal" with our Eurovoxx reporter Andy. Both were very relaxed dressed in black, colourful t-shirts, and were very happy to talk to us. The interview started with all three including Andy singing "Spirit of the Night" acapella style. It genuinely does sound wonderful, check the interview out here:

The interview started with Andy telling Jimmy that he really worked the red carpet, "I enjoyed every single moment of that, if it were up to me I could have done a 500m red carpet, it was exciting". Both Jimmy and Valentina agreed that it was in the spirit of the song. Andy pointed out that they looked like they were having so much fun on stage, "it keeps on getting better, and better... that is what the song is about, having fun".

In regards to the two performing together there seems to be a real chemistry, to which Valentina said that, "it was good to know.... this is what we are has been that way since day one". Jimmy said ,"it was instantaneous chemistry between us....our voices blend well together". To which Valentina said not in the morning, "cos we are spirits of the night". They both looked very relaxed, and joked a lot, they would be so much fun on a night out.

Of the video they exclaimed that they had lots of fun with it, and the Dutch director was amazing. The video has so much energy too, and just complements the song so well. In regards to her fourth participation Jimmy said " it was shock to her too". To which Valentina shouted, "Let's do it". Jimmy also confessed that it was a shock for him too, and it was totally unexpected. He explained how it all came about, and how he coincidentally at a party met Ralph Siegel (the writer). "I approached him and really wanted to make a selfie with make selfies with stars, and post it on Facebook, that was my intention". He explained that five minutes later they exchanged numbers, and the rest they say is history.

Valentina then told us that Ralph showed her Jimmy, and if she liked him. She obviously did as they are both now singing together. She also told us how she checked his songs on YouTube, and video's out, and short of cyber stalking him, she knew she wanted to duet with him. "I tried to rehearse my voice with him, and see if our voice together can work it". She thinks the song works amazing.

Andy couldn't resist in teasing Jimmy and said to him, not only has the song got a lot of fans but so have Jimmy's arms. Any female or hot blooded gay man would definitely see this. "What can I Say, my mother always said if you got it flaunt it". Valentina said, "many people like your body", we can certainly agree with her there. In reference to an interview by the BBC, he was stripped half naked in order to put a microphone on, and he said, "shouldn't they pay me for this". Andy will start the go fund page soon so keep an eye out on the Eurovoxx website.

The first rehearsals took place in San Marino, but he spoke of another coincidence that the largest San Marino population outside the principality does in fact live in Jimmy's home town of Detroit Michigan. "This is fate... you can't write this story.... I believe in synchronising".

Eurovoxx had to mention that Valentina had got engaged and how we can sense a change in her outing of Eurovision. She seems more relaxed, and if it is at all possible smiling more. "I'm so happy... I have love in so much sense of my life". She needed someone to make her happy, and this person certainly seems to have done the job. Valentina glowed with happiness during the interview. No date yet is given on her marriage date yet.

Jimmy is single and loving it, and is on the red carpet with a thousand opportunities. We all know he is such a nice guy, and any lucky lady would be lucky to have themselves draped on his big arms.

In regards to the Eurovision and why she has come back, Valentina told us that she was happy, and felt more complete, and it was almost as if Eurovision was calling to her again. They do seem like the perfect match for Eurovision, and in regards to the semi final tonight they have picked a good position and drawn position ten. "I'm feeling something in the air". Aptly the interview ended with them both singing to the camera, "we can make it to the final". Let's hope this happens, as all of us at Eurovoxx would love to wish them both well in semi final tonight.

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