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The first semi-final of Eurovision 2017 has just finished, and what a show it was! Ukraine has shown that they can really put on a show (although we all knew that from when the hosted Eurovision back in 2005).

The show began with a performance of "Spinning" by Ukrainian singer and Dancer, Monatik, which led to the introduction of the 3 hosts for Eurovision 2017: Oleksandr Skichko, Volodymyr Ostapchuk and Timur Miroshnychenko, who previously hosted Junior Eurovision 2013 alongside Ukraine's 2013 representative, Zlata Ognevich. It was now time to kick off Eurovision 2017!

The show started with Robin and his team from Sweden who were all suited up and ready to go on their travelators. They most certainly got the show going and without a doubt got the audience on their feet with their catchy pop song "I Can't Go On."

Up next was Tamara from Georgia. Looking stunning in her red dress, she belted out her song "Keep The Faith" which was full of emotion and power, but ultimately, there was not enough power to carry Georgia to the final.

17 year old Isaiah from Australia is one of the youngest acts in this years contest. With his charm and like-able personality, he sang his laid back, yet somewhat powerful, song "Don't Come Easy", and sailed into the final, making it the third time in 3 years that Australia will be in the final.

Up next was Lindita from Albania singing her own song "World". Wearing a white and silver outfit, she amazed everyone with her powerful performance and strong vocals, and she quite possibly had one of the longest notes ever sung at Eurovision, coming in at 23 seconds long! Despite all of this, she unfortunately missed out on a place in the final.

Now it was time for Blanche from Belgium. Giving a more stripped back performance of the enchanting "City Lights" she won over Europe with her laid back and engaging performance to earn a spot in the final.

Slavko, (complete with his epic hair braid) from Montenegro was full of energy and rocked the stage in Kiev with the very catchy and unforgettable song "Space". He most certainly got the audience on their feet and gave one of the more memorable performances of Eurovision 2017! But, this unforgettable performance remains in the semi-final.

Finland are represented by a duo by the name of Norma John, who have a more simplistic, yet outstanding song and performance. Dressed in all black, they captivated the audience both in the arena and at home with their mesmerizing, mysterious and atmospheric performance of "Blackbird" but unfortunately it was not enough to get them to the final.

Dihaj bought us all back to our school days with her performance of "Skeletons". Complete with a chalk board and rather bizarrely, a man with a horse for a head, she gave a striking, if not a slightly confusing, performance that managed to earn Azerbaijan a place in the final.

Portugal returned to the contest in style after a 1 year absence. Salvador bought his charm and charisma to the stage as he gave a very endearing and unique performance of "Amar Pelos Dois" that surely captivated the hearts of everyone around Europe, so much so that he managed to earn Portugal a place in the final for the first time since 2010!

Up next was the Greek Goddess herself, Demy with her song catchy and upbeat dance song "This Is Love". Demy was joined on stage by 2 topless Greek Gods who were busy dancing in water around Demy.

Like Lindita, Kasia from Poland was dressed all in white as she gave a powerful rendition of her song "Flashlight". Will she be able to replicate the success of Michał from last years contest?

The SunStroke Project (with Epic Sax Guy of course) were back to Eurovision for a second time with the infectiously catchy song "Hey, Mamma!" They were joined on stage by 3 ladies, all wearing wedding dresses (complete with veils) and all singing into microphones that were covered in bouquets of flowers! This is Eurovision, after all!

Continuing with the night's (unofficial) theme of white, Svala from Iceland was looking every part the superhero in her all white ensemble, singing her very uptempo and modern sounding song Paper. Despite giving a very strong performance, Iceland will have to sit out the final for a third year running.

Martina from the Czech Republic bought us all back to the 80s with her outfit! Singing the jazz-inspired "My Turn" she charmed the audience with her simplistic song and stage presence, but it was not enough to get her to the final.

Now it is the turn of Hovig from Cyprus. His song "Gravity", is a modern-sounding catchy pop song with a strong performance to match. Hovig managed to continue on from the success of Minus One the year before and qualify to the final.

Artsvik brought a lot of local flavour to the contest with her traditional sounding song "Fly With Me". Dressed all in black and silver, and with a hair braid to rival Slavko's, she sailed into the final, but will she be able to follow in Iveta's footsteps and get another top 10 placing for Armenia?

Omar from Slovenia was back in Kiev for Eurovision for a second time and for a second time, he unfortunately failed to qualify from the semi final. Dressed in a sparkling black suit, he gave a promising performance of his ballad "On My Way".

Closing the first semi-final were Triana Park from Latvia with their song "Line". Triana Park were certainly embracing the theme of this year's contest, Celebrate Diversity with their wacky stage outfits and performance that was full of colour and energy! Alas, it was not enough for Latvia to make it to the final.

What are your thoughts on the first semi-final? Let us know in the comments below! And don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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