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Eurovoxx speaks to Demy for Greece, "Who mostly has woman crushes"

Yesterday Eurovoxx were extremely fortunate to interview Demy from Greece before her semi final. Woman of the hour, she was happy to speak to our Serbian reporter Slavo. Dressed in a black top, and denim bottoms she was very friendly and engaging. Here is what she had to say, and check the interview below:

When asked about her dress rehearsal she stated that she had a technical issue with the elevator, " we couldn't go down... but we solved that". Asked about Love she said, " Love is love, love is accepting yourself, love is loving yourself, and accepting your choices and the way you are.... we are unique... we should embrace everyone around us".

Demy did blush when she was asked if she had a Eurovision crush, but categorically stated, "No". It was a delight to see her so playful. She said she always watched Eurovision and loved Loreen and Abba. So we are sensing a Swedish feel here. It was amusing when she said, "most of the time it was woman crushes", but did state it was in the admiring sense.

She admires many of the songs, and performers and doesn't feel she has any rivals, as they are all great. "I love the Swedish song, and Azerbaijan song.... it is so alternative and dark vibes... i love her voice". She recognises that it is one big family.

We wish Greece all the best in the final....

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