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Eurovoxx speaks to 2016 Hungarian Eurovision representative "Beautiful Freddie"

May 10, 2017

Freddie represented Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden 2016.  He won several heats at the DAL national finals. He entered with the song "Pioneer", he qualified 4th in his semi final scoring 197 points, and in the final he came 19th with 108 points.  Our man in Kyiv Slavo was lucky to interview him.

"Beautiful Freddie"  as he was addressed had not changed much at all since 2016.  Looking handsome in a brown leather jacket, white t-shirt, he waved to the camera and was very engaging when asked questions by Slavo.  Check the interview out here:



Freddie is in Kyiv this year as co- commentator for Hungary.  When asked about  the experience between then and now he said, "completely different, last year I did what I do best... well I hope so, now it is much different, a new experience a great honour.... I am enjoying less stress, but a different kind of stress".

Of last years contest he said he was unfortunate not to make any friends with the contestants of the other countries.  Stating that he did not have time, they always had meetings.  It is the same now, as he is learning how it works.  The advice he gave to this years Hungarian representative was "to enjoy it... and create the atmosphere because our song is really unique I guess". 

For the fans and viewers of Eurovoxx Freddie says, "I really hope you are enjoying this as well".  Good luck to Hungary in Thursday's semi final.


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