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Eurovoxx speaks to SVALA from Iceland where "Icelandic people would probably run out naked or s

Today, Eurovoxx were lucky enough to get an interview with the gorgeous SVALA from Iceland who looked as gorgeous as ever. Wearing, a black hoodie, she looked relaxed and was very happy to be interviewed by Tural. Too see the interview check the video below:

Just how she appeared, Svala stated that she felt great, and just finishing the rehearsals she loved it, and it was amazing. "I love being on stage... my favourite thing is to perform live... I loved it, I had so much fun". She told the song, was co-written it with her husband, and the lyricist was a friend of hers living in L.A.

Of the song SVALA told us that it was about herself, and her life, and the difficult time she went through when she was in her teens, and twenties, "I dealt with a lot of anxiety". She wanted to write about it, and how she over came it. The song is called paper as it is a metaphor for emotions, "when I was going through that difficult time I felt vulnerable and fragile like paper... it is an important message because I want to be honest about that I have gone through difficulties". She said about social media it always seems that everyone has a perfect life, but we all have to deal with things , "the message is very honest... what we go through, and not giving up, and not being ashamed of it, not backing down on your fears, and being fearless".

In regards to her stage performance SVALA told us that she wanted to sing by herself, and wanted to show that she was strong, and fearless. The outfit is white as it represents hope, light , "like a positive energy... just standing with yourself".

When asked about Los Angeles. SVALA told us that she had lived there for 8 years, but she does miss Iceland. It calls her back, and travels back at least three times a year to be home. Also, as a judge on the Icelandic voice also gives SVALA the perfect excuse to go home, and tours in Europe. "I love my country... and my family and friends are there".

Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule with recording music, and studio time booked, SVALA was unable to do much touring for Eurovision, "but it is what it is". SVALA stated that she is a very positive person and does not hold any regrets. "I don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow" she added.

It was amusing when Tural asked of the European football championships, and Icelandic support, if Iceland would win Eurovision SVALA said, "Icelandic people would probably run out naked or something.... they would just go crazy.... everyone would go mental".

Of other contestants SVALA loves the semi final she is in and so many songs. "I want to believe that i go through.... Robin has a strong song, Sweden will qualify for sure... You never know".

On advice given to her, SVALA was lucky that so many had advised her. Many friends, including her father who represented Iceland in 1995 had helped her with encouragement. "They all told me the same thing, just go there, do your best and enjoy it, and have fun". SVALA says she does get a few butterflies, but doesn't stress and it should be, "full of joy and happiness".

We were delighted when SVALA sang for us. It was so nice to hear, and this lady can really sing. Here at Eurovoxx we wish Iceland the best of luck in their semi final on Tuesday. Get voting!!!

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