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Eurovoxx speaks to Salvador Sobral of Portugal

Today, Eurovoxx were lucky enough to get an interview with the Portugese representative Salvador Sobral. Interviewed by Tural it was a great honour that he was able to speak to us. Wearing his black S.O.S Refugees t-shirt he was more than willing to answer our questions. Check out the interview here:

He looked well, and was very happy to be there. When Tural asked how did he feel after his rehearsal? He stated, "it felt good, there is so much going on around the music that you almost forget I am here because of this song". Singing the song, is a reminder to him that he is there because of it. He enjoyed it, and it is the best moment he has had since being in Kyiv.

He seemed happy that his song was one of the favourites, and when asked about what the song means to him, and the message he said, "it is a very emotional song, and I feel it passes a great message to people, a lyrical and melodic message". He emphasised that it is a great song for music as a whole, and, "for the fesitval to have something different... and celebrating diversity... and diversity in music".

When asked about favourites, he would have to say the nearest rival. Salvador admitted he likes Italy's song because of the message, and it's fun. We were so delighted when he sang a little of his song, and it was nice he changed the melody of it just for us. Salvador joked that he was, "sick of singing it".

Tural seemed happy with Salvador, so were we. We genuinely wish Salvador, and Portugal the very best in the semi finals, and hope to see them in the final.

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