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Eurovoxx Live at the red carpet with Moldova, Sweden and Iceland

It's that time of year again, when all the visitors congragate on the red carpet to see this years stars of Eurovision. It has become somewhat a Eurovision tradition that the Sunday before the Grand Final, the fans and press get to see their favourites walk down that famous red carpet. It's not the oscars, but it is Eurovisions equivelant and has gathered quite a following, with many thousands being there and watching live online. Sometimes its the first glimpse of the artists that the fans will have had chance to see. Eurovoxx were fortunate to be there live, and managed to get some pressing questions to the artists. Sit back and enjoy the interviews. We certainly did:

Moldova with SunStroke Project and the song, "Hey Mamma"

The next to arrive down the long red carpet was Moldova's Sunstroke Project. One of the coolest trio were these guys, all dressed in black, wearing sunglasses they certainly made an impression. They thought that Kyiv was wonderful, exclaiming, "wonderful place, wonderful weather, wonderful people", and they were very glad to be there. On representing Moldova for a second time, they said it was great, and important for the group and the band because four times after their first Eurovision appearance they tried to represent them again, and happy to be there again in 2017. To everyone's delight when asked by Andy they did their dance, and song to a rapturous applause from the crowd. Moldova are currently 200/1 in the odds. Here at Eurovoxx we wish them the best of luck in Semi final one. See the interview here:

Sweden with Robin Bengtsson and the song, "I Can't Go On"

One of the fan, and bookie favourites Robin Bengtsson was next down the red carpet. Very tanned, and dressed in a white suit he was very happy to answer our questions. He is pleased that the technical, and physical elements of the song have been going well. To the reaction in Kyiv he feels, "lot of love, feel really good about the performance.... and looking forward to Tuesday. To being one of the favourites he added, "it doesn't give me any pressure.... I think it's fun people talk about the song..... I know I am going do exactly how i did in Melodifestivalen". He will try not to be nervous , and enjoy those 3 minutes. He is mister cool, and dealing with any nerves he added, "I always get a little nervous before the show starts, but I like the feeling of it". He also says that he has always been competitive and like to compete. He's not nervous, he can't wait to go. When asked by Andy he can't go on, "Cos she is so fricking beautiful". Sweden are currently 3rd favourite with the bookies at 14/1. We look forward to seeing Robin on stage, and wish him all the best in the semi finals. See the interview here:

Iceland with Svala, and the song "Paper"

Next to speak to us was one of our favourites Svala from Iceland. Dressed in a black and green top with her distinctive chest tattoo, Svala shone for us. She is loving Kyiv and having so much fun, "it is like one big party.... I love it". She acknowledges Icelandic Eurovision fans are really passionate, and in regards to the response from her song she admits she has positive and negative. However, she does not read the reviews, "I am in my own zone, focussing on myself... I am a very spiritual person.... I am enjoying it". Too Eurovoxx viewers she said "much love from Svala, and my little Icelandic heart... and it's about time to have the competition in Reykjavic". We at Eurovoxx have fallen more in love with her. Iceland are currently 600/1 favourites to win. We cannot wait to see Svala on stage and wish her all the best in the semi finals. See the interview here:

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