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Eurovoxx Live at the red carpet with Christer Bjorkman, Oleksandr, Volodymyr and Timur.

It's that time of year again, when all the visitors congragate on the red carpet to see this years stars of Eurovision. It has become somewhat a Eurovision tradition that the Sunday before the Grand Final, the fans and press get to see their favourites walk down that famous red carpet. It's not the oscars, but it is Eurovisions equivelant and has gathered quite a following, with many thousands being there and watching live online. Sometimes its the first glimpse of the artists that the fans will have had chance to see. Eurovoxx were fortunate to be there live, and managed to get some pressing questions to the artists, hosts and Christer Bjorkman Sit back and enjoy the interviews. We certainly did:

Eurovoxx live at the red carpet with Christer Bjorkman.

For those who don't know him, Christer Bjorkman is a Swedish singer who represented Sweden in the 1992 Eurovision. He is famed with transforming the Melodifestivalen into Sweden's most watched television show, and currently is a very important figure in Eurovision. We were lucky enough to talk to him at the red carpet. He is very happy with the preparations of the show, and proud that the show is now on time. "Time was our worst enemy when we started this, we have done all the preparations, and rehearsals of all the countries". When it's over on Saturday he says hopefully, "we will feel very proud, it's been such a short time, and if we pull it through it will be such an achievement". As Eurovision fans we are very thankful that he is on board ensuring the contest will be a success. Check the interview out here:

Eurovoxx live at the red carpet with Oleksandr, Volodymyr and Timur

We were very honoured to also be speaking with the Ukraninan threesome that are Oleksandr, Volodymyr and Timur. It will be the first time in Eurovision history that the show will be hosted by three men. Eurovoxx were lucky to speak to them. They bring boy power to the contest. They exclaimed the importance of diversity. They stated, "If there are 3 women hosting it would be three times more expensive", referring to the cost of costumes and make up. It is exciting that there are three men, and they say they are just like girls. All three hang out together, and "understand each others jokes". They were very happy, and giggly, and explained how busy they have all been. "You will be amazed 300% at the semi finals", they exclaimed, and said that we will hear their jokes at the semi finals. These guys are doing a great job at representing the Ukraine. Check the video out here:

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