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Eurovoxx live at the red carpet with San Marino, Serbia and Portugal

We just can’t get enough of the wonderful artists who walked down the red carpet yesterday. Here you can read more about it, and don’t forget to check out the videos! Here you can read about our interviews with the representatives of San Marino, Serbia and Portugal. Enjoy!

Valentina Monetta& Jimmie Wilson representing San Marino with Spirit of the night

The Queen of San Marino is back, and we couldn’t be happier! And Jimmie Wilson says he can’t say often enough that he is the luckiest guy to work with Valentina, it’s simply amazing. He is also more than happy to work with Ralph Siegel, or as he says, the godfather of Eurovision, who wrote the song. Together these two are bringing the party to Eurovision, to really celebrate diversity.

Valentina says she didn’t plan making another come back, but the fans really wanted to see her on the Eurovision stage again. And she listened to the fans who made her the queen and now she is really enjoying herself. The support and love from her fans really mean the world to her and she hopes everyone will enjoy their performance and have a good time while listening to it.

Our entire team just can’t get enough of Valentina, and wanna see her participate year after year!

check out our tribute to Valentina here:

And watch the full interview here!

Tijana Bogicevic - representing Serbia with the song In Too Deep

Tijana looks stunning and confident in her black, detailed dress (watch our full interview here to see her make an elegant turn). However, she hasn’t had the chance to get to know the host city yet but she says the Ukranian people are very warm and friendly. She has noticed the big amount of parks in Kyiv which she thinks is beautiful. The local food is no mystery to the Serbian singer, she has visited a few restaurants close to the hotel she stays in.

We wish Tijana loads of luck, as she will open the second semi final on Thursday.

Salvador Sobral – representing Portugal with the song Amar Pelos Dois

Finally Salvador Sobral has arrived to Kyiv. Walking down the red carpet makes him feel a bit overwhelmed he says, but he seems very calm and collected. The betting odds are in his favour and he says he is able to keep calm and doesn’t feel the pressure at all. Salvador says he knows he got everything in control; he knows the song, the melody, the lyrics. “So everything is fine” he says with a smile.

Our team is happy to hear that Salvador is feeling good about everything and hope wish him luck!

Click here to see our interview with Salvador!

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