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Eurovoxx live at the red carpet with Romania, Israel and Malta

We just can’t get enough of the wonderful artists who walked down the red carpet yesterday. Here you can read more about it, and don’t forget to check out the videos! Here you can read about our interviews with the representatives of Romania, Israel and Malta. Enjoy!

Ilinca & Alex Florea – representing Romania with the song Yodel It!

Ilinca in her gown and Alex in his sunglasses are as epic and wonderful as ever on the red carpet. Ready to try teach us yodel, but also ready to hit that stage, the dynamic duo is feeling amazing about their betting odds making it to the top 5 by now.

It adds determination and makes us feel even more ready and we can’t wait to perform, Ilianca says.

And WE can’t wait to see these two perform! Good luck guys!

To watch the full interview, click here.

Imri – representing Israel with the song I Feel Alive

Imri says he is feeling alive on the red carpet, - and we are feeling it! He is also very honored and grateful to represent his country and happy for this opportunity to compete. About the Israeli fans, he is aware of some pressure but Imri knows they want Israel to succeed in this song contest and he thinks he is seen as a good representative and he loves every second of it.

The happy singer has made some friends with his fellow contestants “Alma is just so beautiful I

can’t handle it”. Waving his little flag he also tells us about the support from former Israeli representatives like Dana International, whom have told Imri to have fun and enjoy.

Our team is rooting for Imri to dance like never before on that stage on Thursday!

To watch the full interview, click here.

Claudia Fianello – representing Malta with the song Breathlessly

In her beautiful black dress, Claudia Fianello is glowing. Everything in Kyiv has been brilliant so far, she is enjoying herself, the stage is great. She is cherishing every moment and touching so many others with her song. But not only others “I don’t understand how can I sing a song a million times and still get so emotional”. Claudia also tells us that arriving to the big Eurovision stage actually made her more emotional because it is a dram coming true when she enters it, and there’s so much hard work done to achieve this moment. Also people who have believed in Claudia for years have a special place in her heart.

We wish Claudia so much luck, we all get emotional with you!

Take a look at the full interview here!

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